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Letter of the week:
(sailboat, seahorse, sandwich, sea lion, sun,
Color of the week:
Books of the week:
Purple (BIG BOOKS- color of the
S: Seal’s Silly Sandwich – Dorothy
J. Sklar (letter of the week)
The Colors – Monique Felix
Mouse Paint – Ellen Stoll Walsh
What Makes a Rainbow? – Betty
Painting a Rainbow – Lois Ehlert
Music, Movement and More –
Thomas Moore
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Story about Sammy
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Speech Corner
What we are Learning
About this Week:
Theme: Rainbows and A Pot of Gold
Song/Fingerplay: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Music Therapy: Action (Tuned Into
Learning CD - E.B.’s Book - #1)
Book: What Makes A Rainbow? By Betty
Ann Shwartz
Green Room: Multi-syllabic words (3, 4
and & 5)
Red Table: helping verb “is” - The noun
“is” + verbing (iPad + sentence strip)
Yellow Table: Answering what do you
see? - “I see a ___.” (use Brown Bear
Book and flannel board)
Blue Table: generalization of helping
This week we will continue to work on
colors. In the story mouse paint, some
white mouse find different jars of red,
blue and yellow paint. They discover that
when they mix red and blue they get
purple, when they mix yellow and blue
they make green and when they mix red
and yellow they make orange. We will be
mixing colors in class to make different
colors. We will also be learning about
rainbows and naming all the colors of the
verb “is” - The noun “is” + verbing during