The IGL assignment sequence: handout 1

IGL Assignment Sequence – Example #1 – Kerry Thompson
NUR 456 – Concepts of Leadership & Management in Nursing-Examines the multidimensional
professional leadership role.
Background Information – 3 hour course all in one day.
Concepts of management principles, organization leadership, collaboration of health care
professionals and management styles will discussed throughout the course.
Debate – Final Project
Step 1 – Introduction of the Final Project - Begin with the Rationale for the Assignment
Nurses must be able to be persuasive in their speech.
Nurses must work together as a team.
Explain to the student the expectations of the assignment.
Step 2 – Day 1 – Introduce the Assignment – Students must begin questioning – What topics would
they want to debate? Their assignment for the following class is to come with a debate idea to
present to the class for discussion.
Step 3 – Day 2 – Assignment #1 – “What is debatable in healthcare today?” Students must come
prepared to class with at least one debatable topic to present to the class. They must be able to
show that there are clearly two different sides to the topic they choose.
Step 4 – Day 3 – Students randomly select their topic and side of the debate & meet their fellow
debate team members.
Step 5 – Day 4 – Assignment #2 - “Given the topic they have been assigned, “What will they debate?”
- They must come prepared to meet with their group and present the main points they believe settle
on the topic and they will meet with their side of the debate group to ask these questions and
determine an answer. (In Class Assignment) Group decides.
Step 6 – Day 5 – Assignment #3 – In class Assignment – The two groups from opposite sides meet
together to discuss the major points, “What should they focus on?” What can they agree upon to
debate?” “Is it a pro vs. con?” “Is it a 12 hr shift vs. an 8 hr shift?”
Step 7-11 – Day 6 through 12 – In class Assignment – Work together to prepare
Final Project Debate