Test Hints: Dante's Inferno

Test Hints: Dante’s Inferno
Spring 2015
Know these symbols:
Dark Wood
True Way
Lion, Leopard, She-Wolf
3 heads of Lucifer
 Know the following allusions and their purpose.
**King Minos
**Brutus, Cassius, and Judas
 On what days does The Divine Comedy take place?
Background—Dante and Literary Terms
Where did Dante live before he was exiled?
What genre was The Divine Comedy?
How many cantos/chapters in total make up the Divine Comedy?
What was one of Dante’s contributions to literature, according to the
Power Point presented in class?
 Which 3 women were guides/guardians for Dante on his spiritual journey?
Study Guide--Review all concepts on study guide and notes .
 Know the punishments of the sinners in the neutrals, the lustful, and the
traitors. Be sure to know why the punishments represent justice for these
 Who is Charon and what does he recognize about Dante?
 Know why Dante is particularly moved by those in the lustful circle. Know
which souls he speaks with and what they tell him.
 Circle 9—Know the description of Satan and why his appearance is a parody
of the Holy Trinity.
 Circle 9—Why is Satan’s eternal punishment ironic?
Quote Identification
 Identify the speakers of selected lines. Below are 2 samples.
“As long as the wind will let us pause, ask of us what you please.”
“This has been willed where what is willed must be, and is not yours to question.
Say no more.”