12 Putting It All Together Worksheet

Putting All of Our Skills Together – WORK PERIOD
SNC2D – Chemistry Review
The skills you have learned so far in our chemistry unit are…
Writing chemical formulas
Identify states of matter of various elements and compounds
Identifying types of reactions and predicting products based on these types of reactions
Balancing equations
We are now going to put all of these skills together!
Task #1: For each of the following equations, which are to be answered on a lined piece of paper…
Convert each element/compound name to a chemical formula
Identify the states of matter for each element and compound in the equation
Identify the type of reaction that is taking place
Balance the equation.
Sodium sulphate + hydrogen chloride  sodium chloride + hydrogen sulphate
Tin(IV) chloride + water  tin(IV) oxide + hydrogen chloride
Iron + hydrogen sulphate  iron (III) sulphate + hydrogen gas
Methane gas + oxygen gas  carbon dioxide + water
Potassium nitrate + sodium carbonate  potassium carbonate + sodium nitrate
Ammonium sulphate + lead (IV) nitrate  ammonium nitrate + lead (IV) sulphate
Selenium hexachloride + oxygen gas  selenium dioxide + chlorine gas
Copper + oxygen gas  copper (II) oxide
Sodium chloride  sodium + chlorine gas
Potassium sulphate + barium chloride  potassium chloride + barium sulphate
Calcium hydroxide + ammonium chloride  calcium chloride + ammonium hydroxide
Task #2: For each of the following equations, which are to be answered on a lined piece of paper…
Identify which type of reaction would most likely take place, given your reactants
Predict the products of the given reaction
Identify the state of matter for each element/compound in the equation
Balance the equation.
a) Pb(NO3)2 + NaI 
b) Ag + Cl2 
c) Zn + H2SO4 
d) Fe2O3 
e) Rb + O2 
f) Sr + CuSO4 
g) N2O5 
h) Ca + N2 
i) Al + O2 
j) C3H8 + O2 
Take #3: Find the mistake in each of the following solutions.
a) Write the skeleton equation and state the type of
reaction for lead(II) chloride + Potassium
b) Mg2 (s) + 02 (g) 