World History I & Geography midterm study guide




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World History II: Final (2009/2010) Subject

AP psychology


Tuesday, June 15


11:35 to 1:35 FOUR FIVE L202 L204 WHII & Geography WHII & Geography Thursday, June 17 Wednesday, June 16 11:35 to 1:35 11:35 to 1:35 SIX L204 AP psychology Wednesday, June 16 9:00 to 11:05 SEVEN L204 Semester psychology Friday, June 18 9:00 to 11:05 A few things to keep in mind before the exam:  The exam will be a Scantron ® fill-in-the-bubble, multiple choice type exam. Make sure to bring number two pencils and erasers to the exam.  There will be no essay on the test  There will be approximately 200 questions on the test  The exam will begin promptly to ensure everyone has enough time to be successful and finish the exam on time.  During the exam, no one will be allowed to leave the room. If you need to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, etc., do it ahead of time as you will not be allowed to leave during the exam.  During the exam, you will only be allowed a pencil and erasers at your desk.  All other items (three ring binders, notebooks, knapsacks, book bags, etc.) will be stored at the front of the room.  You will need to stay for the entire two hours.  If you finish early, are confident that you are done with the exam, and do not wish to check it over one more time, you will need to bring something with you to occupy your time until you are dismissed.  This “something” can be something to study for another class, a book, or something of that nature.  This “something” cannot be an iPod, cell phone, portable game system, or something of that nature. I will have Zero Tolerance policy during the exam for these items. If I see one, I will confiscate it and a referral will be written.  I will be available in room L202 before and after school if you have any questions about the exam.

World History II

 If you have not turned in your textbook, please do so as soon as possible.  The final exam will cover the following topics: o French Revolution o Napoleon o Congress of Vienna o Unifications of Italy and Germany o Latin American Independence o Industrial Revolution o Imperialism o World War I o Russian Revolution o Interwar Years o World War II o Post-War World o Cold War  Most of the exam will cover French Revolution through the Russian Revolution.  We have not spent much time on the post-World War I/Russian Revolution era; however there will be some general questions on those topics.  For those topics, use the following resources: o Amesco Book: chapters 9, 10, 11, & 12 (World War I, Between the Wars, World War II, and The Cold War). These are the short articles that you outlined and did the terms and names for. o Short History of the 20 th Century notes that we did before the SOL exam.  We will not test on the Russian Revolution before the Final, so I have included the study guide that I would have given out before the test on those topics.  To study, I would recommend the following resources: o Old tests o Old study guides (if you have lost them, you can get them on-line on my website) o Notes o Viewing guides for the French Revolution documentary & “Nicholas and Alexandra”