Day 10 1281 - English101Allen

Day 10
English 101, Section 1281
(7:00 to 8:30 p.m. and 8:40 to 10:10 p.m.)
For Today:
10. W 11/4
READ: From Graff & Birkenstein: They Say I Say, page 1—47. And also,
From class web page, Errol D. Kaighin, The Sea Cook and The search for
Treasure Island.
Useful constructions, per Graff & Birkenstein. Framing quotes.
Attendance. (Return papers and quizzes.)
Discuss: The Sea Cook and The search for Treasure Island
Discuss: They Say I Say.
Presentation of projects and favorite sources.
Zero Draft.
For Next Week:
11. W 11/11 READ: From Website: Katha Pollit: Does a Literary Canon Matter?
From Graff & Birkenstein: They Say I Say, page 51—97.
TURN IN: Pollit references quiz.
FOCUS: Consultation on research papers.
12. W 11/18
FOCUS: Peer review of 1st draft. How to approach a second draft. Inclass reading and essay: TBD.
Some Authors mentioned by Katha Pollitt
Answer whichever of the four questions below are not already answered.
a. When did they live? (Birth & death, if known.)
b. What nationality are they?
c. What did they write? (Most famous work or works.)
d. What era and or genre are they associated with?
Example: Charles Dickens: a. 1812-1870, b. British, c.Tale of Two Cities, Bleak House,
David Copperfield, d. Victorian novelist.
1. E. M. Forsester: a. 1879-1970, b. British, c.______________, d. Bloomsbury Group.
2. Homer: a. circa 800 B.C., b. Greek, c._____________________, d. early epic poetry.
3. Virgil: a. 70-19 B.C., b. Roman, c.______________________________, epic poetry.
4. John Milton: a. 1608-1674, b._______________, c. Paradise Lost, d. poetry.
5. Leo Tolstoy: a.______________, b. Russian, c. War and Peace, d. novelist & essayist.
6. Robert Lowell: a. 1917-1977, b._________________, c. For the Union Dead, poet.
7. Alexander Pope: a.____________, b. British, c. The Rape of the Lock d. poet.
8. T. S. Elliot: a. 1888-1965, b. American, c. ___________________________ d. poet.
9. Edith Wharton: a. _____________, b. American, c. The House of Mirth d. novelist.
10. Virginia Woolf: a. 1882-1941, b. British, c. ______________________ , d. novelist.
11. Willa Cather: a. ___________, b. American, c. ____________________, d. novelist.
12. Jane Austen: a. 1775-1817, b. British, c.__________________________, d. novelist.
13. George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans): a. 1819-1890, b. British, c. ________, d._______.
14. Henry Fielding: a.______, b. British, c. Tom Jones, Tragedy of Tragedies, d. novelist.
15. Bronte sisters (Emily, Charlotte, Anne): a. circa 1816-1855, b. British,
c.________________________________________, novelists.
16. Walt Whitman: a. 1819-1892, b. American, c. Leaves of Grass, d._________.
17. Washington Irving: a. 1783-1859, b.___________, c. _________, d. essayist, fiction.
18. Anton Chekhov: a. 1860-1904, b._____________, c. The Cherry Orchard, The
Seagull, d. dramatist & short story writer.
19. Anthony Trollope: a.1815-1882 b. British, c. Barchester Towers, d.____________.
20. Dr. Johnson (aka Samuel Johnson): a.____________, b. British, c. Dictionary of the
English Language, d. lexicographer.