cpe440a Syllabus Summer 2013

Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Department
CPE-440 A
Computer Architecture
Summer Semester 2012/2013
Dr. Hussein Al-Zoubi
Associate Professor
Computer Engineering Department, Office: 413 New Hijjawi Building
Phone: 7211111 ext 4454
Email: halzoubi@yu.edu.jo
Office Hours: TBA
Website: http://faculty.yu.edu.jo/halzoubi
Catalog Data
Basic computer organization, central processing unit, arithmetic logic unit, microprogramming control and
control unit, arithmetic processor, input/output units, memory units.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, the student should be able to:
1. Understand the internal structure of computer systems.
2. Understand computer systems with particular emphasis on computer architecture and
organization, its performance, design and relation to the system software.
3. Gain an insight into nature of design process and the associated trade-offs.
4. Know how to design a computer or understand how a system works and why it performs as it
5. Bridge some of the software, hardware, and firmware gaps.
6. Understand the interaction between H/W and S/W at a variety of levels that offer a framework
for understanding the fundamentals of computing.
7. Tie ideas from the course more closely to real world outside the computing industry.
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer technologies.
Understand the basic concepts of how to measure the performance using different metrics.
Demonstrate understanding of the MIPS instructions.
Understand how integer as well as floating point arithmetic operations are performed by
Develop understanding of how to build the processor datapath and control.
Recognize the importance of pipelining to enhance the performance.
Demonstrate understanding of the memory hierarchies, with emphasis on cache design.
Understand the basic concepts of storage devices, networks, and other peripherals.
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Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Department
D. A. Patterson and J. L. Hennessy, Computer Organization & Design: The Hardware / Software
Interface, 4th edition, Morgan Kaufmann, 2008.
Hennessy J.L., Patterson D.A., "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach", Fifth Edition,
Morgan Kaufmann, 2006.
Stallings W., "Computer Organization and Architecture", fifth edition, Prentice-Hall, 2000.
Carpinelli J.D., "Computer Systems Organization & Architecture", Addison Wesley, 2001.
Course Webpage
Local Course Webpage: http://faculty.yu.edu.jo/halzoubi
Textbook Webpage: http://books.elsevier.com/companions/1558606041/
Topics (Tentative)
Computer Abstractions and Technology
Instructions: Language of the Computer
Arithmetic for Computers
The processor
Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy
Storage and Other I/O Topics
Multicores, Multiprocessors, and Clusters
Tests, Projects and Grading Policy
There will be three tests and exams during the semester. All tests and exams are closed book closed
notes. The following table summarizes grade requirements in the course:
Grading Component
Test #1
Test #2
Final Exam
11:45 A.M. –12:45 P.M.
11:45 A.M. –12:45 P.M.
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