Tap forms

TAMI PEREZ, librarian
Golfcrest ES
QR Codes
Basic iPad/
iPhone apps
Other Apps
to Download
HISD Online
Tap Forms
 Log
on to:
 Type
your name in the “What’s your
name?” box. Put “Join”.
 Any
time you have a question or comment
during the meeting, type it in the
message box and put “Say”.
great way to get all participants
(students or teachers) involved
 Immediate
 Gets
their attention (technologybased)
 Useful
for any subject matter
 Can
have everyone post an adjective for
an object (classroom)
 Can
have everyone write something about
Texas, then sort between fact and opinion
 Can
have teachers post their questions or
opinions about something, which can be
looked at later for review (admin)
 Like barcodes for almost anything
 When you scan it, almost anything can
pop up
 EX:
a song, a video, text, an
obituary, a link to a website
easy and fast to create
 Can
be made with colors or images
 See
 What
are a couple of ways you could use QR
 ______________________
 ______________________
 Shows
where you are on a map
 Moves with you
 (extra: you may want to download
“Theodolite” – very cool app that can
show compass, altitude, and more while
showing your location on a map)
 Notes
Good for taking notes anywhere
Can be copied, printed, or sent to someone as
an email or text message
I tend to take notes in meetings and email
them to my school email account
To be copied, if needed
To be forwarded to others, if needed
 30-30:
Very cool task manager app
EX: for a faculty meeting for alarms to go off for
each topic on the agenda
EX: for a teacher to set one timer for multiple
activities that will be happening
Advantage: you don’t have to remember to start
and stop it.
 Simple
Mind Plus
Mind mapping tool
Possible uses: for teaching synonyms, main idea/
details, or brainstorming (pre-writing)
 Remind
Text a message to a group of parents or students
without showing your number
 Interactive
alphabet ABC flash cards –- costs
 Sticker sudoku – free
 Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – 99 cents
 Futaba – classroom games (the free version
has some; the $4.99 version is set up so that
students can play together; up to 4 students
on different computers)
 Discovr – super good app; a search engine to
find new apps; type in the name of an app
you know, and it will make a web of related
apps; free
 Kidzstory
– reads interactive stories for
children; 99 cents each story
 Experience Math Fractions & Decimals Middle
School – very nice activities for fractions and
 Symbaloo
 Cut the Rope
 Stack the States
 Stack the Countries
 Quiki -- reference
 Groovy
 Draw Something – drawing/ guessing game;
good for getting children to spell; $2.99
 Giant timer – free; 99 cents for a very pretty
 Screen Chomp – recordable whiteboard
 Chalk_board – free; like writing on a
 Choice
Board Creator – good for special
needs students because you can put in your
own pics and text
 The Elements – VERY cool interactive
periodic table; uses lots of memory; $13.99,
but worth it
 EduCreations
 Hungry Fish – motion math, free
 Motion Map -- $1.99; great!!; interactive for
 Doodle
Buddy/ Doodle Pad –
Can be used for counting objects
Can be used for telling stories or inferences
Read a short story, but don’t finish the end
Have them draw the end on this
Then they take a snapshot of it by pushing the home
key and on/off key of iPad or iPhone at the same time
The pic will be in the “Photos” area of your device
 Great
for teachers AND students
 See handouts
better way for students to learn to
 It is like Google, but it pre-screens out
anything not of educational value or of an
inappropriate reading level
 Addresses
different learning styles
 Create a variety of learning paths
 Support literacy:
Read aloud
Translation tool
Has timelines available for students to compare a
historical figure to other figures or events
 www.edmodo.com
 Way
to post assignments, PPTs, pictures, etc
 Students can log on using a code the teacher
gives them to become members of that group
 The group can see whatever is posted and
interact with it
Add comments
Attach products
 The
teacher can create comments, quizzes,
and polls – to be seen and completed by
students online
 http://appsynergy.weebly.com/tapforms.
 Basically,
you can use a tap form to
create any sort of form that you
frequently use
 You
can set it up with whatever criteria
you need to be filled in, even signatures
(to be signed online)
 The
form can be filled in from your portable
device (iPad, etc), so you are not limited to a
bulky computer
 You can take pics with your device and post
to share or remember (a website screenshot
to share with your team, a student’s piece of
work, etc)
 You put your results from your form into
Evernote (basically, the “cloud”) so you can
access it from any computer later to work
As a sign-in sheet for faculty meetings
 For tardies
Create a form for students to sign in and take
their pic
Can send to teacher
 In
lieu of teacher binders
 To
keep agenda/ minutes for PLCs, faculty
meetings, professional development, etc
 PE coach or music teacher can have a form
to evaluate a person’s skills
Create form based on rubric
Fill out for each student
Tap forms has something to tally results right
 Advantages
Much less paper/ space needed
Can save time
Can give immediate feedback
Can be emailed
No binders needed
Can help to have a running record
Can include pictures
 Could
this be used in lieu of using palm
 It’s not about being lazy –
Just about finding smarter ways to use your time
To help you to be able to do MORE with LESS
 An
easy way to create an avatar
 Avatar = a cartoon character that embodies
its creator
 You can make it talk to say anything you
would like
An introduction to your class
To give instructions for an activity
way to make easy cartoons about any topic
 The free version includes 2 characters and
one setting
 You can reuse these to create other videos
 See Library Website
 Log
on to the website
 To create a poll, go to the website:
 Google
to find the site (pollev.com does not
get you there)
 http://www.polleverywhere.com/polls/1018
 See
the library website and student project
 On TodaysMeet, post 5 tech “bites” that you
would like to learn more in depth