bpccform_2015R1 - British Pedal Car Championship

British Pedal Car Championship 2015: ROUND 1 ENTRY FORM
Please accept this entry for the Wombwell Sprints event to be held on Sunday 29th March 2015
Data Protection: Your details will not be passed to anyone outside the BFPCR or used for any non-pedalcar purposes.
Team Name
Team manager
Tel (inc. code)
Post code
Car / squad name:
For notes on filling in this form, see page 2
PC (ages):
2 3 4
Total number of cars entered:
PC (other):
0 D F
Number Transponders
Additional transponders needed:
First aid: We will have a dedicated first aider or a St. John Ambulance at all events but, in an emergency, we
may wish to call upon other people with first aid training. If any of your team has a current first aid qualification
and would be willing to help if necessary, please name them here:
First aider:
Mailing list: Unless already on it, the email (or postal if no email provided) address given above will be
added to the BFPCR’s mailing list unless you tick this box:
BFPCR registration fee (if not yet paid) - PAYABLE TO "BFPCR":
Paying this once per season registration fee entitles your team to the standard race fees below.
It is £25 per team for 2015, irrespective of the number of cars or races your team enters.
Paying this fee after a race does NOT entitle your team to retrospective discounts or refunds.
If you have already paid the fee (e.g. online or at or before an earlier event), enter "paid".
Race fees for this race - PAYABLE TO "BFPCR":
BFPCR Registration:
(if paid online, enter order number)
Race fees:
For BFPCR-registered teams, the race fee scale for all on time entries is £15
per car (There are no discounts for multiple cars/PCD/PC0)
Late entries are charged at £25 per car regardless of number of cars or drivers!
For teams NOT registered with the BFPCR a flat, non-discountable, fee of £12.50 per car
is added to all the above prices. Therefore it is often cheaper to register with the BFPCR.
Driver registration fees (if any) - PAYABLE TO "BFPCR":
(if paid online, enter order number)
Driver registrations:
See page 2 of this form for details.
Transponder costs (if any) - PAYABLE TO "BFPCR":
Transponders cost £20 each. All cars must have a transponder for lap counting. Their life
expectancy is 5 years minimum. If returned in good condition after a single race, £10 will be
(if paid online, enter order number)
By entering any BPCC event I agree that the team squad(s) indicated above will abide by all rules, safety
instructions and conditions applicable to the event and the Championship.
(team manager) Date:
Please return this form to: Mark Williams, 8 The Orchard, Tickton, Beverley, East Yorkshire HU17 9JE
On or before: Sunday 1st March 2015 (closing date)
NOTES: All entries received after this closing date will be charged at the "late entries" rate, above. All
fees are non-refundable except in the event of the race being cancelled.
Late entries may be required to start at the back of the grid.
Notes on filling the race entry form, and driver registration:
Car / squad
PC (ages)
PC (other)
Enter the car / squad number / name of each car, e.g., “<Team name> 1”, “<Team name> 2”,
“<Team name> <Car name>”, etc; however you wish each car to be named in the results.
Enter “Male”, “Female” or “Mixed”. Enter “NK” if not yet known.
Indicate youngest age class for which the squad is likely to be eligible (PC1, PC2, PC3 or PC4).
Indicate whether each car will be eligible for any of the non-age-dependant classes; else leave
blank. 0 = PC0, Solo category (one driver only); D = PCD, Duo category (two drivers); F = PCF,
Female category (female drivers only, obviously)
If this squad already been assigned a number for 2015, enter it here. Otherwise, enter ‘NEW’.
If this car already has a lap counting transponder, indicate “Got”; otherwise indicate “Need”.
Driver registration form
All drivers attending BPCC races are required to have an official BFPCR Racing Licence number.
Licence numbers are valid for the entire season and must be entered on team sheets at each race. Any
driver without a licence at a race will be required to purchase a new one. Whilst we can handle occasional,
one-off registrations on race day in this event, we offer no guarantee that licence numbers will be issued
and scrutineering done before the start of racing.
The cost for this is £1.00 per driver for all drivers for all classes.
If you have any as-yet unlicenced drivers who are expecting to race at any BFPCR event this season, please
include their details here. Please write clearly!
Please make cheques payable to “BFPCR”. If necessary, use additional copies of this page.
All details given here are kept confidential and will not be passed to any other body.
Driver name:
Date of Birth:
Fee: (£1.00)
Total licence fees: £