7 th Grade General Music Lesson Plans Week of November 4th, 2013

7th Grade General Music Lesson Plans
Week of November 4th, 2013
Weekly objectives:
1. Students will analyze and describe music from a variety of genres, as well as cultures and
historical backgrounds, and write about the form, tempo, dynamics, texture, and
instrumentation of selected pieces of music.
2. Students will analyze and write about the listening examples in their listening journal logs.
3. Students will describe the different types of musical form including ABAB, ABA, ABABCA,
and Theme and Variations.
4. Students will compare and contrast various musical forms to other discipline areas such as
math, science, art, and social studies.
5. Students will compose songs using MusicShake.com software that will reflect the following
forms: ABAB, ABA, ABABCA, and Theme and Variations.
Activities to assist in achieving the objectives:
1. Listening journals – continuing project throughout the quarter
a. Students 1-3 bring listening examples this week for the class to analyze and write about
in listening journals.
b. Students will present their song and tell class why they chose the piece, the history of
the piece, and the meaning of the piece.
2. Musical Form worksheet
a. Choose a favorite song and analyze the form (write lyrics down and label each section of
the form)
b. Record the form of the song in the music journal
3. Music composition/arranging – using www.musicshake.com
a. Compose three different songs that:
i. At least 12 measures in length
ii. Include a minimum of 6 different instruments
iii. Include a minimum of 4 chord changes
iv. Represent the following musical forms:
1. Rondo form (ABABCA)
2. Verse/Chorus form (ABAB)
3. Theme and Variations