1. IN which direction and with what force will the box move?

Question and Answer
Samples and Techniques
1. IN which direction and with what
force will the box move?
2. The forces are balanced.
3. What is the net force?
4. In which direction is the greatest
force moving?
5. Are the forces balanced or
6. What describes how fast an object
is moving?
7. What are two ways of expressing
8.What two things do you need to
know to find the speed?
9.What is the formula for speed?
10. If a car travels several miles in
one hour, what is the UNIT for its
11. Julie drives at an average speed of
50 mph on a journey of 200 miles.
How long did her journey take?
12. Chris cycles at an average speed of
8 mph. If he cycles for 6 hours, how
far does he travel?
13. A Blue Shark can travel a distance
of 48 miles in 2 hours. What is its
average speed?
14. A diver jumps from a cliff into the
water. It takes him 3 seconds to fall
9.9 meters. What is the average speed
of the diver?
15. A snail moves at an average speed
of 2 feet every 3 minutes. At that
rate, how long will it take the snail to
travel 12 feet?
16. According to the graph, what is
happening to the speed of the car?
17. What is the average speed?
18. In the graph below, who is faster?
19. How do you know?
20. What three things happened in this
21. The graph shows an object moving east
over a 25 second period on a flat surface.
What is happening in the first 5 seconds?
22. What is happening from point A to
point B?
23. Which line segment shows the object
slowing down to a complete stop?
24. From point D to point E, are for forces
balanced or unbalanced? _______ How do
you know?___
25. From point E to point F, are the forces
balanced or unbalanced? _______How do
you know? _____________