introduction to marketing

What is Marketing?
Moving goods or services from producer to
consumer (selling or match-making)
Goods, services and events
Marketers must discover consumer’s needs and
wants and customer satisfaction
Marketing is NOT JUST advertising.
Creating awareness on topics of consumer interest –
ie: connecting through a BRAND – symbols,
slogans, jingles, logos, mascots, etc…
Managing customer relationships in ways that
benefit the organization.
“First impressions are lasting
Dress code: People judge you by your
2. When you meet someone for the first time
such as interview, you do not want to be
late. Be on time.
Marketing Skills….?
(People who succeed in marketing field
Communication – verbal, written
 Presentation
 Listening
 Creativity
 Hard working
 Curiosity
Marketing Skills….?
(People who succeed in marketing field
 Technological
 Social Smarts! (Social skills)
 Business-minded
 Goal oriented
 Inquisitive/Risk-taking
The Power of a Symbol
The purpose of marketing is to create
meaningful images and messages
projected in media – so to convince us
consumers of their meaning, power and of
course, the necessity to BUY IN.
A Universal Language…
70% of language is nonverbal… this is very
powerful in Marketing…
 The key for any marketing expert is to find
symbols that can sell – to make them
universally recognized so to influence in
the greatest possible amount to buy. Just
think about how influenced we are by
these logos….
Almost done…
Let’s play logo game. A prize for a winner
will be…..Does anyone want to lead the
class for this game? We need a leader and
a score-keeper.
 After playing this game, you guys will have
the rest of the class for your “Marketing
You” assignment.