Greco-Roman Mythology

Welcome to Greco-Roman Mythology
One- quarter course
Ms. Pelletier
Room 123
In Greco-Roman mythology, we will explore the Greek myths, including the
stories of the Olympian Gods, nature myths, and the Trojan War. We will also learn
about Roman mythology, including The Aeneid. We will consider the myths on their
own but also discuss what meaning they may hold for us today. We will learn how
knowledge of Greco-Roman mythology can help us understand allusions in literature,
and we will study many common vocabulary words based on these myths.
Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths by Bernard Evslin
The Trojan War (Homer’s Iliad) retold by Bernard Evslin
The Aeneid, a re-telling of Virgil’s classic
Everyday Words from Classic Origin
First Half of Course
Second Half of Course
Olympian Gods
Lesser Gods
Nature Myths
The Trojan War
The Aeneid
Romulus and Remus
Entire Course: Greek Word Origins
Materials needed:
Three-ring binder for storing class materials
A pen or pencil every day
Your netbook or access to a computer
Your imagination!
Classwork & Homework
Quizzes & Tests
Your grade will reflect your level of effort and work quality on the assessments
listed above, your active participation in class, and your behavior and time on task.
Respectful Environment Guidelines:
Respect yourself; respect others; respect your surroundings.
Listen when others speak and raise your hand to contribute.
Always do your own work and give 100%, not just enough to get by.
Be a positive, contributing member in our class.
Be polite and thoughtful to one another.
Take responsibility for your learning; seek help when necessary.
Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
Tardiness & Absences:
 You are expected to come to class PREPARED with the required materials,
ON TIME, EVERYTIME and be at your desk when the bell rings.
 It is YOUR responsibility to make up work missed due to absences. If you
know beforehand that you will be absent, please inform me and I will help
you plan your makeup work.
 If you miss a test or quiz while you are out, you have one week (seven days)
from the day you return to make it up. If you fail to do so, you will receive a
zero for that test or quiz
 Tardiness and frequent absences are unacceptable and will ultimately affect
your grade and/or result in disciplinary action.
Turning in Homework:
While there will be ample opportunity to work in class, there will also
be assigned homework. Homework is due at the BEGINNING of the class
period. Major assignments that are handed in late will not receive full credit
and will be evaluated on an individual basis. It is your responsibility to keep
me informed of your progress on any late assignments.
Makeup & Help Days:
 I am USUALLY available after school. Please make an appointment so
that I can be sure to be available for you.