“Frugal with Your Love” (1)—Info on Words
1. Anecdote
Definitions: a short, often amusing story
Synonyms: tale
 Sentence: The kids hated listening to
Grandpa’s anecdotes about the war
because he never shut up about the
metal plate in his head, and quite frankly,
everyone knew he’d never been in the
 Sentence: Our preacher always begins his
sermon with a funny anecdote to get our
2. Incompatible
Definition: describing two or more things that
cannot exist together in harmony
Synonyms: incongruous, conflicting,
Antonyms: compatible, well-matched
 Sentence: Bev and Jan were incompatible
roommates. Bev was the quiet type,
while Jan was into throwing wild parties
where everyone slathered each other in
mayonnaise and played football.
 Sentence: My cat and dog are so
incompatible that they can hardly ever be
in the same room together.
3. Inconsequential
Definition: trivial or unimportant
Synonyms: irrelevant
Antonym: significant, essential
 Sentence: As long as you have love,
money is inconsequential unless, of
course, you also enjoy food and shelter;
then you need money.
 Sentence: The look you gave me wasn’t
inconsequential, and I won’t easily forget
4. Compassion
Definition: sympathy for the suffering of
Synonyms: kindness, caring
Antonyms: indifference
 Sentence: Those who have compassion
always offer help to the less fortunate.
Those who don’t have a lot more free
 Sentence: We expressed our compassion
for the earthquake victims in Japan by
sending donations of money to help.
5. Amicable
Definition: friendly and agreeable
Synonyms: neighborly, peaceable
Antonyms: hostile, antagonistic
 Sentence: Dudley would have been a lot
more amicable if we hadn’t kidnapped
him, painted him green, and dropped him
off in a strange town.
 Sentence: My neighbor next door is one
of the most amicable people in our
6. Frugal
Definition: cheap
Synonyms: thrifty, tight, economical, sparing
Antonyms: spendthrift, generous
 Sentence: Billionaire Gilbert Worthington
III was so frugal, he’d stand in line for
hours at a soup kitchen for the homeless
rather than pick up something from one
of the five supermarkets he owned
 Sentence: I wish I could be more frugal
because I feel so guilty after I go on a
spending spree.
7. Camaraderie
Definitions: friendship, companionship
Synonyms: fellowship, brotherhood, amity
Antonyms: antagonism, enmity
 Sentence: The camaraderie between
Ralphie and his beloved hound, Hank,
could never be broken—unless Hank got
within sniffing range of a sweet-smellin’
 Sentence: The camaraderie among the
teachers at school makes it a good place
to work.
8. Antagonist
[ noun]
Definition: one who opposes
Synonyms: opponent, adversary, rival
Antonyms: friend, ally
 Sentence: Leslie was a constant antagonist
to poor, sweet Egbert, always trying to set
his hair on fire to delight the other
 Sentence: The antagonist to Luke
Skywalker in Star Wars was Darth Vader, his
9. Assiduous
Definition: hardworking and persistent
Synonyms: diligent, tireless
Antonyms: lazy, slothful
 Sentence: Though I was assiduous and
worked day and night to finish assembling
this nuclear reactor, don’t turn it on until
I’m, oh, say 100 miles from the blast zone
 Sentence: Suzy’s assiduous effort at
studying paid off and she made an “A” on
her report card.
10. Diligence
Definition: perseverance, discipline
Synonyms: hard-working, carefulness
Antonyms: laziness, carelessness
 Sentence: Although Veronica has the
diligence of an A student, she prefers the
“copy your friends” method of study.
 Sentence: Buford’s diligence to finishing
the project paid off by his finishing early
with enough time to spare to play a pickup
game of basketball.
Definition: something that relieves or reverses
Synonyms: antitoxin, solution
Antonyms: poison
 Sentence: Billionaire Gilbert Worthington
III was hard-pressed to find antidotes for
the 47 different poisons his servants had
slipped into his milk and cookies.
 Sentence: The antidote to world hunger is
quite simply to feed everyone.