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6th grade Final Exam Study Guide
Classifying Sentences and all grammar components from Chapters 1 through
Chapter 8
Jingles and question and answer flow:
Questions will be asked to test on knowledge of what these mean or do. For
instance: If I ask “What?” after a preposition, the answer will provide what part
of a sentence? (the answer is an Object of the Preposition)
I have been asking students to refrain from throwing assignments away, so going
through old assignments and tests will show which elements the student is
already strong in and which elements they might need more practice.
On the final, the vocabulary component will consist of Lesson 12 in Vocabulary from
Classical Roots, which is a review for Chapters 9-11.
The Red workbook will have a review and Quizlet.com also has a review as well. See
my Class website for details pertaining to Quizlet.com.
Wind in the Willows
Great Ideas – I will describe a situation from the story and ask the students to write a
paragraph or two telling how the main Characters either demonstrate virtue or show a
lack thereof. The virtues will center on these:
Honesty, Charity, Prudence, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Honesty, and