Year 12 Integrated Technologies Term 3

Year 12 Integrated Technologies
Term 3 2013
Weekly Focus
Week 1
Advanced Dc Power
Week 2
Smoothing of AC
circuit using filter and
voltage regulators.
Week 3
Logic gates and
Week 4
Unit Test Dc power
supplies and logic
Operational amplifiers
Week 5
Operational amplifiers
gain calculations and
the use of
Week 6
Residual Current
devices and uses.
Week 7
Computer Network
and connection
Week 8
Basic DC motors
Week 9
Learning and Assessment
Understanding the concept of full wave rectification read
notes and draw bridge rectification circuit . PPt presentation of
working circuit. Demonstration of wave shape on cathode ray
oscilloscope .
Identify use for dc
power supplies
Identify the key components in the final stage of rectification.
Calculate the Peak and RMS values for AC wave shapes and
determine. Understand the concept of operation of a voltage
regulator. Complete question in work on DC rectification.
Complete Exam question on DC power supplies Exam 2009 .
Good example.
Read Handout
notes Voltage
Revision from year 11 on the operation and use of the various
logic gates( And,Or,Nand,Nor,Not,Xor) typical gates. Solve the
outputs of the various gates. Identify the Boolean operators for
the gates mention and solve logic circuits using Boolean
algebra. Complete question on work sheet.
Revision question for unit test. Introduction to Op amps.
Understanding uses and the construction of op amps.
Understanding the concept of gain in the form of ratio .
Read Handout
sheet on logic
Students calculation of input signals to output using op amp
ratio formula. Identify the circuits and pin connections and
biasing op amp for specific gain. Understanding the use of
comparators in electronic circuits. Identify a circuit using a
Complete all
Work sheets
Revisit electrical safety unit. Identify the correct uses of current
control devices and antistatic protection for electronic chips.
Review past exam papers 2009 – 2012 with question related to
this topic.
Complete work
sheet. Revision of
past exam paper
Identify the various computer connection topology star, daisy,
Parallel. Understand addressing system use in computer
network systems. Identify HEX addressing systems used.
Complete work sheet on computer connections
Complete work
sheet on computer
Understand the construction of basic DC motors. Identify the
various components that make up the Dc motor. Understand
the magnetic field creates the motion of the DC motor.PPt
presentation. Complete workbooks for DC motors.
Complete work
Understanding of devices that change Mechanical energy to
Electrical energy and reverse process. Identify the various
Transducers and their uses. PPt. Presentation.
Complete work sheet for transducer questions.
Complete work
Complete all
All questions
Revision of past
exam paper
Week 10
Unit Test
Revision of electrical concepts and electrical topics.
Operational Amplifiers and comparators, electrical safety and
Assessment of topics unit test. SAC.
Revision of topics
For unit test.