4th Meeting: Lisbon, Portugal – October 21-23, 2010

4TH Biennial Meeting
OCTOBER 21-23, 2010
21ST OCTOBER (12h-16h)
22ND OCTOBER (9h-20h)
23RD OCTOBER (9h-16.30h)
Registration (12h)
Cardiomyopathies (9h)
Keynote Lecture3 (9h)
Chairpersons: C. Aguiar (PT), U. Braandrup (DK)
Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment
Hugo Madeira (PT)
Pathology of Secondary Cardiomyopathies
Ornella Leone (IT)
Cardiac Transplantation in Secondary Cardiomyopathies
Margaret Burke (UK)
Portuguese Paramyloidosis: History, Pathology & Molecular Aspects
Dulce Brito (PT)
Chairperson: Gaetano Thiene (IT)
The Future of Cardiovascular Pathology
J.P. Veinot (CAN)
Coffee-Break (10.20h)
Poster Session1 (11h)
Opening Ceremony (13h)
R.H. de Gouveia (PT), U. Braandrup (DK), J. Costa Santos (PT)
Basic Sciences & Cardiovascular Pathology (13.20h)
Chairpersons: U. Braandrup (DK), A. Cidadão (PT)
Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Diseases
Nuno Cardim (PT)
Therapy of Heart Failure: Regeneration vs Transplantation
Annalisa Angelini (IT)
Genetics of Sudden and Unexplained Death
María Brión (SP)
Coronary Artery Disease and Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young
Gaetano Thiene (IT)
Coffee-Break (14.30h)
Valvular Pathology (14.45h)
Chairpersons:Gaetano Thiene (IT), M.Abecasis (PT)
Clinical Aspects and Diagnosis of Valvular Diseases
Diogo Cavaco (PT)
Valvular Diseases and Sudden Death
Cristina Basso (IT)
New Trends in Valvular Surgery
Manuel Antunes (PT)
Surgical Pathology Update in Valvular Disease
Patrick Bruneval (FR)
Board Meeting (16h)
Board Dinner (19h)
AECVP President
Ulrik Braandrup (DK)
Rosa H. de Gouveia or Rui Gonçalves or Manuela Marques
Rua Manuel Bento de Sousa, 3 – 1150-219 Lisboa
Tel: +351.218811800
Fax: +351.218864493
e.mail(s): aecvp.lisbon2010@gmail.com
http://anpat.unipd.it/AECVP or www.inml.mj.pt
Keynote-Lecture1 (10.35h)
Chairperson: R.H. de Gouveia
Interventional Cardiology in 2010
Ricardo Seabra-Gomes
Free Communications1 (11.10h)
Chairpersons: I. Fonseca (PT), I. Kholová (FIN)
Lunch (12h)
Drugs and the Heart (13h)
Chairpersons: D.N. Vieira (PT), Paul Fornes (FR)
Drug Therapy of Cardiovascular Diseases – Pros & Cons
Jorge Ferreira (PT)
Cardiac Side-Effects of Cancer Therapy
Carlos Carvalho (PT)
Cardiovascular Intoxication – How to Perform Toxicological Investigation?
Mário João Dias (PT)
Pathology of Cardiovascular Intoxication
Rosa Henriques de Gouveia (PT)
Cardiovascular Pathology in Cocaine Abusers – Spanish Experience
Joaquin Lucena (SP)
What is it? Session (9.30h)
Chairpersons: P. Gallagher (UK), R. Anjos (PT)
Coffee-Break (10.45h)
Chairpersons: M. Sheppard (UK), E. Pinto (PT),
S. Ramos (PT)
Lunch (12h)
Neurological Vascular Pathology (13h)
Chairpersons: A. v. der Wal (NL), C. Januário (PT)
The Heart-Brain Axis
João Queirós e Melo (PT) & Isabel Rocha (PT)
Neuro-Oftalmological View
João Costa (PT)
Vascular Pathological Aspects
Patrick Gallagher (UK)
Surgical and Interventional Management
A.J. Gonçalves Ferreira & Domingos Coiteiro (PT)
Poster Session2 (14.10h)
Chairpersons: K. Michaud (CH), L. Catarino (PT)
Coffee-Break (15.10h)
Prizes Award “Momentum” (15.25h)
Coffee-Break (14.10h)
Free Communications – Ascenção Rebelo (PT)
Posters – Francisco Henriques de Gouveia (PT)
What is it? Session – Ulrik Braandrup (DK)
Key-note Lecture2 (14.25h)
Closing Ceremony (16h)
Chairperson: Gaetano Thiene (IT)
Henry the Navigator
Rui Carita (PT)
Chairpersons: U. Braandrup (DK), R.H.de Gouveia
(PT), D.N. Vieira (PT)
Free Communications2 (14.55h)
Chairpersons: K. Survana (UK), E. Pinto (PT)
Bussiness Meeting (16.15h)
Congress Dinner (20h)