Session 2G

Modernization Of The
Registrar’s Office
Joshua Fry
Colorado Technical University
Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
Session 2G
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Session Rules of Etiquette
• Please silence your cell phone
• If you must leave the session early, please do
so as discreetly as possible
• Please avoid side conversation during the
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Learning Outcomes
• Participants will be able to recognize the importance
of changing practices within the Registrar Office
• Participants will be able to understand the benefits
of implementing technology solutions to improve
productivity and efficiency
• Participants will become acquainted with various
technologies that are currently utilized in a multicampus system
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Colorado Technical University
• CTU has 20,000 plus students with 6 ground campuses –
2 locations in Colorado, South Dakota, and Missouri
• CTU also has an Online Campus Support Center
• CTU offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral
degrees through 5 education disciplines
Business and Management
Information Systems and Technology
Engineering and Computer Science
Health Sciences
Security Studies
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
One University
• CTU initiated its One University initiative to enhance
the coordination of all processes and locations
• The objective of this initiative is to share services
resulting in standardized and automated processes,
reduced costs, and increased efficiency and
consistencies within departments
• As part of the campaign, CTU implemented and
continues to hold best practice calls and makes faceto-face campus visits
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
One University
Cultural Shift
• Goals and Expectations
– Campuses once operating as separate entities are now working
together to embrace the One University concept through aligned
policies and procedures
– Campuses share a variety of resources available through shared
• Creation of Academic Support Center of Excellence
– Creates cross departmental and cross campus buy-in
and collaboration
• Are You In Initiative
– Employees were introduced to the CTU 7
Commitments to enhance the student experience
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Registrar’s Office
• CTU Registrar’s Office has incorporated the One
University concept and shared many internal
functions that fall under Academic Support
• Each campus has a staff ranging from 2-6
coordinators and the Online Campus Support Center
has a staff ranging from 25-30 coordinators within
one centralized location ensuring consistency
• The Online Campus Support Center staff services
students enrolled in fully online programs and
provides shared services to ground Registrar’s Offices
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Use of Technology
Automation of Processes
• Shared Services has enabled CTU to automate the
following processes:
– Satisfactory Academic Progress
• SAP Appeals
– Online Registration
– Electronic Transcripts
– Transfer Evaluation System
– Digital Student Files
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Appeals Process
• Recently the Registrar’s Office transitioned from a
paper based to web based appeals process
• Students can upload appeal letter via their student
• SAP Evaluators and Appeal Board members access
electronically student appeal information
• Implemented the use of online voting system to
promptly respond to students regarding the status of
their appeal
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Online Registration
• Overwhelmingly the most requested automation solution
from the ground campuses
• Students access the online registration tool via the student
• Three ways to search for courses while registering
• Students have option to register for several terms in advance
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Electronic Transcript Exchange
• Docufide
– Allows student to order their transcripts through the
online ordering system and transcripts are processed in a
more timely manner.
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Transfer Evaluation System (TES)
Course Description Database
• A web based product available from CollegeSource
• Provides access to a massive
collection school catalogs assisting
with the research of course
• Prior Learning Assessment Evaluators
matches up course equivalencies to CTU curriculum
• Reduces the amount of time spent researching
courses from schools often evaluated
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Digital Student Files
Paper To Digital
• Used best practices meetings with the campus
Registrar’s Offices to align academic forms and
• Student documents are now housed electronically
within one central location using ImageNow
• Workflows created allow departments and campuses
to route, review, and process documents efficiently
• Converted all physical files into digital files resulting
in space saving and document retention costs
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Positive Outcomes
• CTU continues to streamline processes across the
• Staff members work from workflow systems to better
organize their tasks and decrease amount of time to
process requests
• Many technologies used allow for ease of reporting
productivity and provides historical data
• Ultimately, the implementation of various
technologies improved the quality of service
provided to students
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G
Contact Information
Joshua W. Fry, MA
Colorado Technical University
[email protected]
Session 2G
RMACRAO Fort Collins 2013
Session 2G