Part one of the midterm exam consists of 17 multiple choice

Part one of the midterm exam consists of 17 multiple choice questions and one matching question. This
part is worth 100 points. Each of the multiple choice questions will be worth 5 points, the matching
question is worth 15 points. This part will be taken using the LMS, same format as quizzes. You have 90
minutes maximum to complete this part.
The multiple choice questions are drawn from material that has previously been covered in quizzes 1
through 3. There will be only limited calculations required; the focus is on definitions of key terms and
description of important concepts.
The matching questions require you match a key term or managerial accounting concept to its definition
or description similar to workshop matching problems.
Part one is closed book and notes. Although probably not needed, you may use a calculator.
Upon completing and submitting part one proceed to part two.
Part II of this exam is open book and open note. There are five problems worth 40 points each.
The problems are similar to those you worked on in the workshops and in-class assignments.
Answer these problems using Excel or another MS office compatible spreadsheet to create ONE file
which will contain all your answers to the five problems. I prefer that you make each problem be a
worksheet with the tabs clearly labeled. You must submit the file using the exchange function set up for
the “ACC359 MidTerm Part II” on the coursework page of the portal. If you suspect or have issues with
the file exchange email me your files ([email protected] ). Use your last name as the filename (i.e.
carro.xls). Confirm I have received your work before leaving. Any issues discovered after the exam may
not be correctable.
The exam ends at 9:10 exactly! Late submissions will not be accepted.