This is the end*.

This is the end….
The Final Days of World War II for the
Axis Powers
Mussolini’s End
“ Yes, madam, I am finished. My star
has fallen. I work and I try, yet know
that all is but a farce.... I await the
end of the tragedy and -- strangely
detached from everything -- I do not
feel any more an actor. I feel I am the
last of spectators. ”
—Benito Mussolini, interviewed in
1945 by Madeleine Mollie
Killed by Italian communist partisans
on April 25, 1945. He was already a
broken man who had no real power
Hitler’s End
By April 19th 1945 Russian troops
were encircling the city of Berlin.
On April 20th Hitler makes his last
trip to the surface.
April 29th Hitler marries Eva Braun
and April 30th the two commit
suicide together.
V-E (Victory in Europe Day) is
declared on May 8th. The German
surrender is unconditional.
Now the war moves entirely to the
Nuclear Decision
• The Manhattan
Project developed
a weapon so
powerful it could
destroy entire
• Should We Use It?
World War II Costs…