File - Mrs. Charney's Literature and Writing

Get to know me and my family…
My family has lived in Temecula for over ten
years…amazing…since my husband Michael
is an active duty Marine currently stationed
at the Miramar Air Station. My daughter
Lauren is a freshman this year, and my son
Alex is starting middle school. I am an author
and poet, and love to travel for inspiration
(and fun). We have traveled to almost every
state, a lot of countries, and 4 of the 6
continents (just Antarctica and South
America left!) We love to pray hard, serve
hard, and play hard together. My family
always tries to support my students… so if
you see us cheering at Puma games,
performances, exhibits or concerts… stop by
and say hello! Also, I would love to meet you
in person… please join me at Back to School
Night , Puma Parent Day, and our 9th Grade
Holocaust Museum Parent Night.
Keep in Contact…
Contact Mrs. Charney
Phone: 951-695-4200 x417
From the CHS website under the STAFF tab,
FACULTY link, then Charney, Amie
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This year I am keeping in touch with you
through a free text service…Remind 101.
This service will allow me to send out
periodic text reminders about projects, tests,
and classroom events. Each of my sections
have a different Remind 101 account, so you
should only get texts that apply to you and
your student. Please find which class your
student is in, and type the corresponding
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To sign up please text: 951-813-2270
@ac ep a re nt (9th English Language Arts)
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Mrs. Charney’s 9th Grade
Literature & Writing
Sheltered 9
Lit and Writing
Year at a Glance
Dates Subject to Change
Please read the syllabus for
more information
Some Tips and Bits…
Unit One Focus: Finding Themes in Fiction
Texts: Homer’s The Odyssey, short stories
Unit 1 Dates: 8/18 to 10/3
Unit 1 Final Assessment: 10/1 to 10/3
Unit1 Final Project Due: 10/1
Unit Two Focus: Comparing Themes in Fiction
Text: Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet
Unit 2 Dates: 10/6 to 11/14
Unit 2 Final Assessment: 11/12 to 11/14
Unit 2 Final Project Due: 11/12
Unit Three Focus: Informational Writing
Text: Research Articles
Unit 3 Dates: 11/17 to 12/5
Thanksgiving Break: 11/24 to 11/28
Unit 3 Research Paper Due: 12/8
Semester Final Review: 12/8 to 12/12
Semester Final: 12/15 to 12/19
Winter Break: 12/22 to 1/5/2015
Successful Students set goals, are
organized, balance academics and
activities, are happy to learn, and are
curious about their world.
Unit Four Focus: Claims in Non-Fiction
Texts: Historical Documents and Elie Wiesel’s
Holocaust Memoir Night
Unit 4 Dates: 1/6 to 2/25
Unit 4 Final Assessment: 2/23 to 2/25
Unit 4 Final Project Due: TBD
Unit Five Focus: Argument Analysis
Texts: Great Speeches, Rhetorical Texts, Harper
Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM)
Unit 5 Dates: 2/26 to 5/8
Spring Break: 3/23 to 4/3
Unit 5 Final Assessment: 5/6 to 5/8
Unit 5 Final Project Due: TBD
Unit Six Focus: Argumentative Writing
Text: Research Articles, (if time, Ray Bradbury’s
Fahrenheit 451)
Unit 6 Dates: 5/11 to 5/22
Unit 6 Research Paper Due: 5/22
Semester Final: 5/25 to 6/5
Last Day of School: 6/5
Paperless… We have a classroom set of
Chrome Books, and our goal as a 9th grade
team is to go as paperless as possible. Your
student will always have access to their
papers, journals, research materials and
resources through google drive and the other
web based programs we use. YES!! They can
access these from the library, school, and at
College PREP… our goal is to have every
student graduate high school and BE college
and career ready. In order to meet our
rigorous standards, we expect students to…
Be Prepared, Be on Time, Be Respectful, Be
Curious… and Be-lieve in themselves…Every
Day! They will have homework; they will
need time and a quiet place to read at home;
they will need your support!
AVID”izd”… I am an AVID teacher, and use
many AVID strategies in all my classes.
Strategies such as: organization, text
marking, Cornell note-taking, selfadvocating, and WICOR (writing, inquiry,
collaboration, organization, reading). Let me
know if you have questions!
Socials…I love to have socials throughout
the year, please contact me if you can help!
Some Thoughts for the Year…
I am so excited to welcome your family into
mine! Our classroom motto is “What Starts
Here Changes the World”…I truly believe
that, given dedication and determination,
each of my students can affect this world in a
great way. In eight short semesters the
foundation of their adult lives will be laid...
there is no
time to slack
counts. It
is for this
that I
not only
rigorous academic
content, but also positive and powerful
character development. In my class we read
great books, discuss influential concepts,
wrestle with thought provoking
questions…and learn to write, read, and
think critically! I know how much you love
and support your student, and it is an honor
to come along side and partner with you.
Please invite your student into discussions by
asking them questions about what they are
learning, and welcome their thoughts and
ideas…I hope they have a lot to talk about this
year! Feel free to contact me with comments,
questions, or concerns. My website is a work in
progress, but resources will be added as we
go…so check it out. Here’s to a great year!