Question Type

Challenging Questions from AP
Gauntlet Practice
AP Language & Composition
Delacruz’s Class
Question #9
Question Type: Antecedent
In line 52, “those” refers to which of the
Circumlocutions: using more words than needed
in order to evade
Strategy: Antecedent questions are one of the
easier questions to track directly in the passage
because it does not require inference. However,
take care to look at the sentences around the line
to answer this question effectively.
Question #16
Question Type: Inference and rhetorical
The description of the “delicate balance’’ (line
41) achieved at jazz jam sessions contributes to
the unity of the passage in which of the
following ways?
Strategy: This question requires understanding
of the speaker’s holistic claim. The speaker’s
purpose is not simply to talk about art. The
subject matter is about his neighborhood.
Question #33
Question Type: Tone
The tone of the passage is best described as…
Acerbic: cutting
Irate: furious
Judicious: sensible
Strategy: You have to consider the entire passage for macrotone questions like this one. When you investigate the
answer choices more, remember to consider all the words in
the tone pairings. For example, in option (E), irate is
obviously wrong, but carefully judicious is slightly
contradictory when paired with irate. Be careful not to pick
an answer choice based on one word that best suits your
interpretation. What is the test maker’s interpretation?
Question # 36
Question Type: Close-Reading
With which of the following pairs does the speaker
illustrate what she means by “shizoid” in line 17?
Schizoid: schizophrenic
This question requires not only reading in context for
the line indicated in the question (line 17), but reading
in context of the answer choices. Notice also that the
answer choice line numbers are the closest to the line
numbers indicated. Nevertheless, first rereading line 17
reveals the speaker’s description of the use shizoid,
immediately after the speaker uses the word.
Question # 41
Question Type: Rhetorical Purpose
The speaker mentions the “Servie-U-Sef” plaque (line
47) chiefly as an example of…
Churlish: rude
Inimitable: unique
The question is asking why the speaker uses this phrase.
Return to the line and consider the rhetorical purpose
of this phrase. Some of the answer choices are clearly
incorrect. While (a) may seem to be correct, it is not the
“chief” purpose. There is nothing rude about this phrase
(b), or sly sexual connotations (d). (e) is repetitive in
word choice.
Question # 48
Question Type: Footnote (comprehension)
Which of the following is an accurate reading of
footnote 2?
Vocabulary: Nothing particularly difficult here.
What is the purpose and organization of the
footnote? Remember that the footnote can clarify
the specified text and serve as citation. Look
carefully at the way this citation is constructed.
Remember that MLA citation used quotation
marks with articles and italicized texts with
journals, novel works, or longer pieces.