Early West African Societies Name: #______ Chapter 6, Section 1

Early West African Societies
Chapter 6, Section 1 & 2
Matching: In the space provided, write the letter of the term, person, or place that best matches
each description. Some answers will not be used.
_____ 1. Ghana’s gold mines were located along this river.
a. Almoravids
_____ 2. The use of these enabled the early people of Ghana
to farm and defend their land.
b. Congo River
_____ 3. Invasions by this Muslim group led to the decline of
d. Islam
_____ 4. A process in which people exchange goods without
contacting each other directly.
_____ 5. The empire of Ghana reached its peak under the rule
of this king.
c. iron tools & weapons
e. Koumbi Saleh
f. Niger River
g. salt
h. silent barter
_____ 6. Along with gold, this natural resource was among
West Africa’s most precious trade goods.
i. Soninke
_____ 7. Ghana’s rulers forced these people to pay a special
tax on goods.
k. trade
_____ 8. Around AD 300, these farmers banded together to
create Ghana.
J. Timbuktu
l. traders
m. Tunka Manin
_____ 9. The religion that invaders wanted to impose on the
leaders of Ghana in the 1060s.
_____ 10. Ghana’s capital and great trading center.
Multiple Choice: For each of the following, write the letter of the best choice in the space provided.
_____ 1. The empire that ruled West Africa after the fall of Ghana was ________________.
a. Ottoman
b. Safavid
c. Mali
d. Berber
_____ 2. Which leader of Mali is credited with improving agriculture and introducing cotton?
a. Mansa Musa
b. Tunka Manin
c. Mehmed II
d. Sundiata
_____ 3. An important result of Mansa Musa’s journey to Mecca was __________________.
a. An increase in the gold trade and the value of gold
b. the recognition of Mali by people throughout Africa, Asia and Europe
c. the spread of Arabic throughout Asia Minor
d. the spread of Islam throughout Northern Africa
_____ 4. Which of the following is a reason for the fall of Mali by 1500?
a. decline in trade
c. invaders from Europe
b. large size of empire
d. the conversion to Islam
_____ 5. Which of the following is a method by which Mali’s empire expanded in the 1300s?
a. caravan trade
b. conquest of other lands
c. spread of Islam
d. use of new iron technology