Chapter 23 Section 5 Literature, Music and Art in the Industrial Age

Chapter 23 Section 5
Literature, Music and Art in the
Industrial Age
Mr. Love
World History 3
• Romanticism – These artists were interested in showing
the life as they thought it should be rather than as it
really was.
Famous romantics – William Wordsworth, John Keats,
and Lord Byron
Sir Walter Scott wrote about the days of knighthood.
In Germany, the Grimm brothers collected fairytales
that are popular today.
James Fenimore Cooper wrote adventure stories that
idealized the American Indian and the frontier (Last of
the Mohicans)
Romantic Music, Painting and
• Famous composer from Germany, Ludwig
van Beethoven. Expressed a love of
nature in his music.
• Polish born composer Frederic Chopin as
well as Russian composer Pyotr
• These operas were very nationalistic.
What does this mean?
Romantic Music, Painting and
• Painters take to the landscape to paint
rather than sitting in a studio. Brought
intense color to the paintings.
• Architecture expressed itself in a Gothic
revival. An attempt to recreate the great
architectural style of the Middle Ages.
• The age of photography began in 1839 when
Louis-Jaques-Mande Daguerre introduced his
daguerreotype, an early type of photograph.
Major impact on the world.
William Jackson’s photos of Yellowstone
influenced Congress to make it the first national
Matthew Brady’s Civil War pictures showed the
realities of war. How was war seen before
Civil War photography
• Many of the famous
photographs will lead
to another form of
painting – realism.
The Rise of Realism
• In the mid- 1800’s some writers and artists
began to deal with everyday life and social
settings, an approach called realism.
In the US one form of realism was regionalism,
which focused on everyday life in particular
places. (Mark Twain)
In the late 1800’s, the naturalists took realism
even further. They showed the ugly and
unpleasant aspects of life. (poverty, social
The Rise of Realism
• Impressionism – tried to paint vivid
impressions of people and places. Claude Monet
and Pierre-Auguste Renoir were leading
Experiments in Art Forms
• Impressionism led to
post impressionism.
Emphasized color
design over realism.
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