Guidance for Practice Educators and Students on Critical Analysis of

Guidance for Practice Educators and Students on the Critical Analysis of Practice
The CAP is intended to be seen as an aid to thinking about the social work process rather than as a
form to be filled in. It should help the student and practice educator together to consider what takes
place as part of social work and, crucially, why interventions are undertaken. The aim is to promote
on-going critical thinking, analysis of knowledge, skills and values issues AND to allow the student to
demonstrate their professional development throughout the placement.
The CAP should be used as a guide for discussion about cases or pieces of work that the student is
engaged with. The student should be encouraged to complete elements of the template in respect
of their cases and bring them to supervision sessions in order to engage in discussion with the
practice educator. The practice educator will be able to verify the student’s work and development
and refer to the CAPs in the mid-point development plan and final report.
The CAP can be used flexibly to reflect the type of work and student’s learning needs. If taken as a
whole, the sections within the CAP reflect a holistic approach to social work practice. However, it is
not necessarily intended that all sections should be filled in routinely: professional judgment can be
used to decide which sections may need more focus at different points. It is intended that the
document is used on an on-going basis: thus separate entries and discussions during supervision
sessions can be dated and subsequently updated.
The CAP should not be seen as a case study or reflective account: it is intended to reflect and
underpin planning and interventions in order to ensure the student and practice educator
understand decision-making and professional judgements made. 3 CAPs (shorter placements) and 4
CAPs (final placements)are to be written as fully as possible and submitted in the student’s
placement portfolio for the university tutor to view as examples of evidence of capability which has
informed the practice educator’s assessment.
Please note that the word counts are given as a guide only.
July 2013 PF