What can Cal-SOAP do for you? - San Diego and Imperial Counties

Introduction to Cal-SOAP
What can Cal-SOAP do for you?
We provide information about:
▫ College Application
 Admission Tests (SAT & ACT)
 College Applications
▫ Financial Aid
▫ Scholarship Searches
We meet with students through:
 Presentations
 Small group meetings
 Individual, one-on-one meetings
 Sign up to meet with your College Peer Advisor
(CPA) for assistance with college and career
› CPAs are college students who advise high school
students on college and career planning.
California College Systems
UC System: 4 years
CSU System: 4 years
Private Universities: 4 years
Community College System: 2 years
Vocational/Technical Colleges: Varies
University of California College
UC System: 10 campuses
▫ Research University, ~$25,000/year
▫ Min. GPA - 3.0
▫ UC Berkeley, UCLA,
UC Davis, UCSD, UC Irvine…
California State University System
CSU System: 23 campuses
▫ Traditional University, ~$16,000/year
▫ Min. GPA- 2.0
▫ SDSU, CSU San Marcos, Cal-Poly Pomona…
San Diego UC/CSU Campus Stats
• San Diego State University
• University of California- San
Diego (UCSD)
• Over 50% of incoming
freshmen in 2010 had a GPA of
3.78 or higher.
• 80% of incoming freshmen in
2010 had GPA of 3.8 or higher.
• Avg. SAT: 930-1170
• Avg. ACT: 20-25
• Avg. SAT:1773
• Avg. ACT: 25.4
California Private Universities
78 campuses throughout California
▫ Prestige and Cost vary widely
▫ University of San Diego, USC, Stanford…
Community College &
Vocational/Technical Colleges
Community College System: 112 campuses
▫ Associate’s Degrees, Certificates and Transfer to a
4-year institution, ~$2,200/year
▫ Grossmont, Mesa, Southwestern, Fresno City
Vocational/Technical Colleges: Many
▫ Degrees/Certificates and Costs vary widely
▫ Paul Mitchell School, Art Institute of San Diego,
New School of Architecture & Design…
College Admission Tests
 SAT Reasoning Test:
General exam with 3 sections: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing
One option for CSU, UC, and almost all private universities
 ACT:
General reasoning exam with 5 sections: English, Math, Reading,
Science, and Writing.
The other option for CSU, UC, and almost all private universities
 SAT Subject Tests: (Not required but RECOMMENDED)
Shorter exams focused on the curriculum of one subject (Foreign
Language, Mathematics, English Literature, etc.)
Must take 2 Subject Tests for UC admission (2010 and 2011 high
school graduating classes only)
Not required for CSU; check with private universities if required
Required Admission Tests
UC: ACT w/ writing or SAT Reasoning Test; 2 SAT Subject Tests (NOT
required but RECOMMENDED)
CSU: ACT w/o writing or SAT Reasoning Test
Private: ACT or SAT Reasoning Test. Check with the university to see if
SAT Subject Tests are required
Community College: No admission tests required
Vocational /Technical School: Check with the school to see which
admission tests are required
What Looks Good on an Application?
Rigorous Classes
Volunteer Work
Community Service
Campus Involvement
Professional Email Address
Do it now!
 Visit the FAFSA website and become familiar with
it. (www.fafsa.ed.gov)
 Talk to counselor about GPA Verification form and
how it is submitted.
 Research how to get FREE money!
Scholarships (merit, need, or athletic based)
Writing Contests
Art Contests
Career Search
• Research industries/careers online with your CPA, high
school counselor, or at your career center
• Explore college majors/subjects you like and that are
applicable to your interests.
• Many college majors can lead to the same career path.
Pick a college major that will give you options in the
career/industry sector of your interest.
Your path to a career will come sooner than you realize. Start
your search early!
Discussion Questions…
How can Cal-SOAP help you?
A. Deciding on where to apply
B. Understanding how to pay for college
C. Picking college-prep courses
D. Investigating possible careers that match your interests
E. All of the above
A student wants to apply to a CSU campus. Which admission
tests are required?
A. The SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT w/o writing
B. The SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT w/ writing, and 2 SAT Subject
C. The SAT Reasoning Test or the Act w/ writing, 2 SAT Subject Tests,
and the General Reasoning Exam (GRE).
Senior Year in Review
 October: Register for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests (if
required). Don’t like your score? Take them twice!
 November: Fill out college applications and check on financial
aid deadlines.
 UC/CSU: Nov. 30; Privates: vary
 December: Continue working on private applications. Everyone
should apply for a community college.
 January-March: Submit your FAFSA and GPA Verification Form
by March 2. Submit the CSS PROFILE for private colleges
(deadlines vary).
 Look for Cal-SOAP Cash for College events for help.
 April: Check your email for the SAR and CAR. If attending CC,
apply for EOPS and the Board of Governors Fee Waiver.
Meet with your College Peer Advisor (CPA) on campus either by
appointment or walk-in if you need help with anything college or
career related.
Call the Cal-SOAP office at 858.569.1866
Visit the Cal-SOAP website at
for information and current events for high school
Remember, we are here for YOU!