Writing Portfolio

Writing can be a used to take all the
jumbled information, steps, and
thoughts and structure them in such a
way that leads to mathematical proof or
Writing about the process and steps
required to solve a certain problem can
help students understand that there is a
certain order to math; and help them
develop their deductive reasoning.
We should give students the time to write about all the math
happening in the world around them, and just let them
contemplate and 'think about math'. That leads to thinking
critically about problems, and to be good deductive reasoners. It
provides them the chance to come up with solutions which lead
to other ideas.
To be honest, not all people will love math; but all people are
mathematicians. We all think critically every day, and often have
problems we need to solve. This requires us to do things like
deductive reasoning, without even knowing. So writing in school
should be done in the hopes that students will make the
connection that the problem solving going on in the classroom is
going to be helpful in problem solving in the real world.
Algebra I – Quadratic Equations
Focus/Theme: Reflective Writing
What was great? Think outside the box.
What would you do differently? Expand lesson more
into a mini-project.
1st Strategy
Teacher: Velvet
7th grade
2nd Strategy
Teacher: Velvet
7th grade
Looking at Samples
• Current Mathematics in our generation.
• Exposing students to more areas of math, things
that might interest students.
• Gives students examples to model their own
mathematical arguments and reasoning.
• Provides more opportunities for students to
think about math which can lead to new
interesting ideas.
Free Space
A grey elephant from Denmark
Math Riddles:
1) Pick a number between 1 and 9
2) Subtract 5
3) Multiply by 3
4) Square the number (2x2, 3x3, etc…)
5) Add the digits of that number together, for example, if you number is
83, you would add 8 and 3 and get 11.
6) If the resulting number is less than 5, add five, otherwise subtract 4
7) Multiply by 2
8) Subtract 6
9) Assign a letter to your number. A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, etc
10) Pick a country that begins with your letter
11) Pick an animal that begins with the second letter from your country
12) think of the color of that animal....