Reading Topics 18/1 Opening Quote, In 1848 what burning issue

Reading Topics 18/1
Opening Quote, In 1848 what burning issue surfaces?, Wilmot proviso?, political parties geographical
make-up in 1848?, Pres. Elec. 1848-3 parties-candidates-issue kept under the rug-platforms-“Popular
Sovereignty”, “father of Popular Sovereignty”, Free-Soil Party-motto-ideology?, GOLD- where
specifically discovered in 1848?-Those who mined the miners?- Hawaii/bbox #1 p393-Lawlessness leads
to?- Statehood details?, South’s strength’s politically1850?-worries of the South?-Free-Slave State
balance in 1849?- N.M.& Utah Free ? Future hopes for more slave states?- Grievances of Texas?Slavery/Slave Trade in D.C.?-Runaway Slaves-Underground RR-a new fugitive slave law/why?- More
slaves freed by runaway or manumission/self-purchase?, “Fire-Eater” convention in Nashville/topic?,
COMP OF 1850-details-chart p.397-“immortal trio/Great Triumvirate”-Great compromiser?-clay’s
assistant the “little giant”- Great Nullifier- Webster’s 7th of March speech/$/#/”traitor”?- “Young
Guard”/Higher law- Z. Taylor’s position on Comp. of 1850?- Death-Millard Fillmore’s position?- Which
region got the better deal in the comp. of 1850?-“Bloodhound Bill?”-Fugitive Slave Law of 1850?-DetailsJudge’s pay-Consequences for aiding slaves for private citizens?-1854 Boston Quote of Man p. 400“Personal Liberty Laws/Grigg v. Pennsylvania 1842”, Which law is most significant in causing the North
to awaken to hating the South?, Would the South had been better off seceding in 1850?