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Coverage and Etiquette
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Welcome to the West Virginia Department of Education!
The following module has been developed to introduce new employees to
phone procedures at the West Virginia Department of Education. It can also be
used as a reference for veteran employees.
To begin the module, click on one of the following telephone icons to access
the referenced information. Upon completion of the module, click the end
button below. To end the module before completion, press Esc on your keyboard.
Required phone
How do I answer
the phone?
Transferring calls
Hands-free phone
Reference tools
Required Phone Coverage
 All phones within the Department of Education MUST be
covered between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.
 During times of vacation and special office events
(conferences, staff meetings, etc.), associate staff may need
to adjust work schedules to ensure phones are adequately
 All associate staff members should receive a “quick training
session” prior to being placed on phone duty. If you have
further questions regarding the phones, please consult your
division secretary.
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How do I answer the phone?
 Your voice may be the first contact an individual has with
the West Virginia Department of Education. Since first
impressions are lasting impressions remember to speak
clearly and professionally to the caller and be courteous of
his/her need.
 Your greeting should include
 Salutation such as “good morning” or “good afternoon”
 The office location (WVDE)
 Your name
 Offer of assistance such as “How may I help you?”
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Transferring Calls to Another Office
When transferring calls
to another office, it is
important to use the
main phone number for
that office. By doing
this, the caller will always
be greeted by a “live
person” as opposed to
being greeted by
voicemail. It is also
helpful to provide the
caller with the number to
which the call is being
transferred in case the
call is disconnected.
Step 4
Step 3
Dial 5-XXXX
Step 2
Step 1
Explain to caller you will transfer the call
Steps to transfer a call to another office.
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Transferring Calls to an Individual
When transferring calls to a
particular individual, use the
five digit extension number
for that individual. With the
Caller ID option, it is
important to stay on the line
to announce the caller.
Without the announcement,
individuals might recognize
a co-worker’s name and be
caught off guard when an
outside caller is on the line!
Step 4
Stay on the line,
announce the caller
and then press TRNSFR
Step 3
Dial 5 digit extension number
Step 2
Step 1
Ask “May I tell them who’s calling, please?” If possible, try to determine the nature of
the call. Finally, inform the caller you will transfer the call.
Steps to transfer a call to an individual
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Hands-free phone options
 Proper use of wireless headsets and speaker phone
Using wireless headsets and the speaker phone feature can be very convenient.
Please remember, however, that using these items open your conversation to
others in the office - including visitors. Since we are here to assist individuals
regarding the public school system and confidential matters may be discussed
during your conversation, it is not a good practice to use this mode when
answering incoming calls, placing outgoing calls, or listening to your private
voicemail. In addition, these same accessories can interfere with the duties of
others in close proximity.
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Hands-free phone options
 Please keep the following suggestions in mind when considering the use
of hands-free phone options.
If you share an office with another individual, please refrain from
using the speaker mode and remain in your immediate area when
using a wireless headset. This will promote confidentiality and ensure
co-workers are not being disturbed.
If you do have a private office, please be considerate of others when
using the speaker mode on your phone. Consideration should be
given to closing the door during calls utilizing speaker mode or
speaking in a normal tone of voice. (Most people tend to speak louder
when using speaker mode.)
If more than one individual needs to participate in a call, please use a
private office or the conference call feature on the phone.
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Special Procedures
 Procedures for assisting callers asking for the State
Please do not transfer these calls to the
Superintendent’s Office. Several times callers ask for
the State Superintendent because they want to start “at
the top” with their problem or concern.
Be patient with the caller and try to get a brief
description of why they are calling. In most cases, you
will be able to assist the person.
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Reference Tool
 CISCO IP 7960 Series
When time permits, please visit the following website: This website serves as a
wonderful resource tool when using the CISCO IP phone
Sections listed include:
IP Phone User Guide
Retrieving Voicemail
Add speed dials to your phone
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