The instructions that follow will
be the ones you see at your lab
exam on Wednesday night.
Please read and digest them,
and if you do not understand
them, please ask for assistance
prior to the exam.
• Please write your name, ID number and lab day in
the spaces provided.
• Circle your lab instructor’s name, and lab day and
• There is to be no communication between
students…that means no borrowing erasers, no hand
signals, no communication. If you make a mistake,
scratch it out. If you've run out of room, use the space
in the margins or at the end.
• Turn off all cell phones and other communication
devices. They must be stored away in your jackets or
Don’t give more info than required…if I want
you to explain your answer, I’ll ask you to
explain it. BUT, give enough information to
answer the question!
Q: “How can you tell there is a simple sugar in this
A: “By the colour.”
This is NOT sufficient. That answer can also be
used for “How can you tell that there is NO
simple sugar in this solution.” What is it about
the colour (i.e. what colour is it) that leads you to
your conclusion?
Instructions, continued
• One question gets one answer (unless
otherwise stated).
– NO information in parentheses will be looked at.
Either something is part of your answer, or it’s not.
• No questions will be answered during this
exam. If you have trouble with a question,
answer it as best as you can and make a note
of the question (and the problem with it) on the
back page of your exam. We will take this into
consideration during marking if many other
students have the same problem.
• Spelling counts. You will not necessarily lose a
mark for an incorrectly spelled word, but you
may, depending on:
– how badly it’s spelled
– how routinely the word is used
– etc.
• After the first run through of the slides is done,
we will review the slides at 20 s each.
Any Questions?
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