Zell Early-Stage Fund Application – Fall 2015 Thank you for thinking

Zell Early-Stage Fund Application – Fall 2015
Thank you for thinking about joining the Zell Early-Stage Fund. This application gives you an opportunity
to tell us why you think you might be a good fit for the Fund. If you are a BBA first-semester Junior in
good standing who (a) has completed all the BBA sophomore course requirements, and (b) will be oncampus at Ross for another four consecutive semesters, please submit your application as follows:
(1) Complete this application form (this form is editable).
(2) When you have completed it, add your one-page resume in Career Services format.
(3) Convert this application and your resume into a single Adobe pdf file. We will not open multiple
(4) Email the pdf file to [email protected] no later than September 14 at 5:00 pm Eastern
time with the subject: “Application 2015 – (your first and last name)”
Once the application is submitted with the above requirements, you will be notified via your umich
email whether or not you have been selected for the next step in the Fund selection process, which is a
short in-person interview. Please do not email asking if you have been selected.
Last name:
First name:
UM Uniqname:
Cell phone:
Please answer the following in no more than the number of words specified:
Why do you want to participate in the Fund? (<200 words)
What have you done at The Zell Lurie Institute, Ross, or elsewhere that reflects your interest in
entrepreneurship or early-stage investing? (<200 words)
Please describe an endeavor that required you to exert a high level of effort over a sustained period of
time. (<150 words)
Please describe a work assignment that required you to make a formal written report or oral
presentation of your findings to a supervisor or client. (<150 words)
Please describe a difficult situation you found yourself in that required you to exercise judgment and
maturity. (<200 words)
Describe any other commitments that might make it inconvenient for you to attend scheduled and
unscheduled meetings in-person with teammates during the day, the evening or weekends, for
example, participation in study abroad or other travel, athletics, other Ross or non-Ross activities,
work commitments, or geography. Please don’t underestimate your other obligations because
missing meetings could result in your being removed at any time from the Fund. If you have no such
commitments, please enter “None.” (No word limit)
Please list of all the required or elective Ross courses and economics courses (at Ross or LS&A) you
have completed at UM (Give the course # and title of the course):
Thank you taking the time to apply. Your application will be carefully considered.