Psychology 100.19

Psychology 100:12,15 (both terms)
Psychology 100:14 (first term only)
P. Henke
Office: 125 Annex
Office Hours:
Wednesday 10:15-11:00 am
or by appointment.
Please, make use of the office hours.
Please, e-mail or phone messages only in special circumstances.
Text: Gazzaniga, M. , Heatherton, T. & Halpern, D.
Psychological Science: Mind, Brain, and Behavior (4th ed.).
First Term Midterm Test : 20%; October 15th (sections
100 : 12 and 15), October 16th (section 100:14).
Xmas Exam (all sections): 30% (covers whole first term).
Second Term Midterm Test: 20%; February 11th (sections 100:12,15).
Final Exam (sections 100:12,15): 30% (covers whole second term).
All exams consist of multiple-choice (50%) and essay
questions (50%).
Study questions for tests/exams are listed on the course
Text: 1st term: Chapters 1-7, 2nd term: Chapters 8-15
Participant Pool: You have an opportunity
to participate in studies conducted in our
department. If you participate, you may earn
up to 5 bonus points added to you final grade
(maximum 100%).
For additional information check:
There will be no “make-ups” for
midterm tests. If you missed a test
you will receive a “zero” in that
instance. Your grade is prorated if you
have an acceptable reason for missing
the test. Acceptable reasons for
missing tests require notification from
the Dean’s office.
University Policy on Academic Integrity
All students are required to understand
the meaning and the consequences of
such academic offences as plagiarism,
cheating, tampering, and falsification
under Section 3.8 of the Academic
Calendar. Please, consult this Academic
Integrity Policy.