Mrs. Dalloway intro.

Virginia Woolf and the modern novel
See the world as a difficult, uncaring place and the
individual must find own path
Each person is responsible for making own purpose and
Way to manage the crisis of human existence
Things exist and have properties which are independent
from any thoughts, theories, or beliefs
Naturalism is an off-shoot of this idea, in that social
conditions, heredity, and environment are inescapable
forces shaping human character and existence
Both seek to represent daily life
January 25, 1882 – March 28, 1941
“Nothing has really happened until it has been recorded.”
Born to an upper-class, well-connected family in Kensington,
Suffered from bi-polar disorder (modern diagnosis)
o Had several breakdowns and was (occasionally) institutionalized
Married Leonard Woolf in August, 1912 – were partners in
marriage and in business
Founded Hogarth Press which published T.S. Eliot, as well as
Woolf’s own works
o Her work was highly experimental, using stream of consciousness,
importance of auditory and visual impressions
o Lyrical style which elevated the sometimes mundane (Mrs. Dalloway)
o Press was supportive of a wide range of artists, fostering talent
Virginia Woolf killed herself on March 28, 1941
Along with Joyce, redefined the novel for the 20th century
Important figure for female authors and artists
Mrs. Dalloway features several “sets” of characters
throughout the novel, as well as multiple settings.
What imagery is used when addressing certain characters,
situations, and how does this help us make meaning? Does
this imagery change when addressing interior or exterior
In your thinking, be specific (as always). Use your text to
support your ideas.