Seafaring Traders PPT

Expanded trade leads to cultural
diffusion in the Mediterranean.
Aegean Sea
• Knossos
King Minos
• Lived on the
island of
• Center or
trade in the
• Knossos
• Peaceful
Through trade their culture and
influence was spread throughout the
◦ Unique Architecture
◦ Very athletic people
 Boxing, wrestling, bull leaping
◦ King Minos
 Minotaur in a labyrinth
Women had a high rank in Minoan society
◦ Religious ceremonies
◦ Mother Earth Goddess ruled over all the other gods
◦ Head priestesses
Minoan religion practiced ritual sacrifice
◦ Bulls and other animals
◦ Some evidence indicates humans were sacrificed as
Why do we have such detailed information
like their views of nature and the sports they
Unclear as to exactly why
◦ Overpopulation?
◦ Invaders?
◦ Natural Disaster?
 1470bc a series of earthquakes rocked Crete
 Caused a volcanic eruption and a tsunami
Unable to recover from the 1470 disasters
◦ Minoan civilization greatly weakened but
remained for about 300 years
◦ Greek invaders may have completely ended
Minoan Civ.
They took advantage of the fall of the
In modern day Lebanon
1100 BCE
◦ What allowed the Phoenicians to become so
 What
is a city-state?
◦ An autonomous state consisting of a city
and surrounding areas
◦ What are the advantages of NOT creating a
unified state?
◦ What are the disadvantages?
 Byblos,
Tyre and Sidon
First Mediterranean peoples to trade past the
Straight of Gibraltar
Might have traded with southern Britain
May have sailed around tip of Africa and back
up to Straight of Gibraltar
◦ Next evidence of this happening wasn’t for another
2,000 years
◦ Traded papyrus
 What is papyrus? Why is it important?
Sidon and Tyre
◦ Production of red-purple dye
 Why would dye be an important trade commodity?
Carthage (colony) 814 BCE
◦ North Africa and founded by Tyre
◦ Northern coast of Africa, coasts of Sicily, Sardinia and
◦ 30 miles apart. Why?
◦ Very labor intensive
 What does rarity and labor intensity do to the price of
a commodity?
◦ A red-purple dye
 Made from rotted snails
Wine, Weapons, Precious Metal, Ivory, Wood
(Cedar), Metal, and Glass
◦ What is unique about Ivory as a trade commodity?
How does writing evolve?
Phonetic-one character means one sound
◦ Alphabet= alpha + beth
Phoenician writing system spreads
throughout the Mediterranean
◦ How?
Did Phoenician civilization really
◦ Babylonians took control of Eastern cities
◦ Persian King Cyrus I took control of Western cities
What did they leave behind?