Google Earth/ Maps/ Street View

What is GPS?
Global Positioning Program (GPS) was developed by
the U.S. Department of Defense for the navigation
needs of the military.
Since then, it has become an asset for civilian
applications & industries around the globe.
GPS employs 24 spacecrafts, placed in 6 orbit
planes. GPS receivers use triangulation of the GPS
satellites' navigational signals to determine their
location. The full constellation was completed on
March 9th, 1994.
GPS for cars
& cell phones
When following directions, you
can use street view to see
what each step/ stop will look
like – no more getting lost!
Google Maps Navigation for
Android 2.0
It’s connected to the internet
The app is free
How does NASA’s satellite
tracking work?
Fun fact: there are over 8,000 artificial objects
orbiting Earth—over 2,500 of these are satellites
(the rest are orbital debris)
There are two types of JAVA applets in which
you can view satellites: J-track & J-pass
This technology allows for live 3D snapshots
How does Google Earth
get their images?
They used to use Digital Globe’s QuickBird
They are now using the new GeoEye
True Color vs. False Color
Resolution & Zoom
Most land areas are covered in satellite imagery with
a resolution of about 15 m per pixel
Google is actively replacing this base imagery with
higher resolution
Flight simulator
Sky mode- users can view stars & other celestial bodies
Street View- provides 360º views of most areas
Ocean View- go below the surface & view deep trenches,
shipwrecks, dive spots, etc.
Historical imagery- image records of past decades
Mars- used for research purposes
Moon- allows users to view satellite images of the moon
Google Maps
Views are more realistic, less cartoon-like
You can get directions
By car
By public transit
You can check parking availability
Comparing Mapping Services
Competitors include:
AOL Mapquest
Ask Maps & Directions
Windows Live Local
Yahoo! Maps
For a long time Mapquest was the
most popular
Yahoo! Maps is the “overall best”
Google has the most
sophisticated API options (API, or
Application Programming
Interface, enables interaction
between software)
Street View
Some funny
Go explore the world with Google!