DPS Advanced Manufacturing Pathway

DPS Advanced Manufacturing Pathway
Advanced Manufacturing Schools:
CEC Middle College
MLK Early College
COURSEWORK: Students may have taken one or two of the courses listed below as part of the
Advanced Manufacturing Pathway- Welding, CAD and Digital Fabrication.
Intro to Digital Fabrication Survey Course:
This course will provide students with
introductory skills in machining,
manufacturing, blueprint reading, welding,
electricity, and 2D drafting. In this highly
hands-on course, students will experience
all the different facets and possibilities that
a career in manufacturing could bring.
Students will learn how to use various hand
and power tools, as well as equipment such
as 3D printers, laser cutters, welding
trainers, and Arduino electronics boards.
Students will earn their OSHA 10 hour card
upon completion of this course.
Focuses on basic computer aided drafting
skills using the latest release of the
AutoCAD software. Includes file
management, Cartesian coordinate system
& dynamic input, drawing templates,
drawing aids, linetype and lineweights,
layer usage, drawing & editing geometric
objects, polylines & splines, array, text
applications, creating tables, basic
- Intro to design cycle
- Intro to isometric drawings
- Precision measurement - dial calipers, rulers,
tape measures
- Intro to 3D drafting with Solidworks
- Intro to welding (CEC only)
- Intro to electric circuits
- Using sensors in circuits
- Safety and use of hand tools (saw, hammer,
rasp, punch, etc)
- Safety and use of 3D printer (MakerBot
Replicator), laser engraver and cutter (Epilog
- File conversions for various machine types
- Dimensioning and tolerances
- Calculating area, surface area, volume
- Create objects using the Cartesian
coordinate system and dynamic input.
- Develop template drawings using standard
drawing procedures.
- Demonstrate the use of layers, color,
linetypes and lineweights and the ability to
create polylines and splines.
- Create and construct geometric shapes.
- Create polar and rectangular arrays.
- Assemble text and symbols within CAD
dimensioning, and Help access.
Welding Technology: Welding Technology
is for students who wish to learn and
explore the field of metalwork. Areas may
include but are not limited to designing,
drawing, fabrication of sheet metal and
bench metal, machining, welding and metal
finishing. This class is a prerequisite for all
higher level and advanced metal courses.
- Demonstrate the commands necessary to
perform basic to advanced dimensioning skills.
- Shop safety
- Different types of metals
- Hand tool usage
- Resistance Welding
- Function of various sheet metal machines
- Welding processes (arc and oxy-acetylene)