5A Worksheet

Unit 5A Worksheet
1) Endocrine glands secrete __________into extracellular spaces to ___________where they bind
to the receptors on ___________cells, exerting their effects.
2) The functions of endocrine glands is to maintain______________, as in the chemical composition
and volume of _____________fluid, metabolism and energy____________, smooth and cardiac
muscle____________, glandular______________, the immune system, growth and___________,
reproduction, and ______________rhythm.
3) The pituitary gland or_____________, is a two lobed organ that secretes _________major
hormones. It is referred to as the “______________Gland” under the control of its ”King” the
___________________. The neurohypophysis which is the _______________pituitary gland, is
made up of __________tissue and is an extension of the _________system. It is connected to the
hypothalamus by the ____________by which it_____________, stores and _________hormones.
4) The adenohypophysis is the ______________pituitary gland which is made up of ___________
tissue and is more part of the _______________system as it synthesizes and secretes_________.
It is inhibited or stimulated by the________________.
5) The posterior pituitary is actually part of the ____________with neural connections to the
_________________which is referred to as the ______________-________________ tract. It
is the nuclei of the hypothalamus that synthesize ____________and ___________ _______(ADH)
and these hormones are transported to the _____________pituitary to be released.
6) The anterior pituitary gland develops as an extension of the oral ____________which means it is
derived from the __________and has no direct ___________connection with the hypothalamus. It
does have vascular connection through the _______________ __________system which is
comprised of the primary capillary plexus of the _____________-________________portal veins
and the secondary capillary plexus.
7) Anterior pituitary hormones include the ____________hormone that is made by the _________
cells which stimulate the _________and other tissues to secrete __________-like growth factors
that stimulate growth and repair.
8) Another anterior pituitary hormone is the __________-___________ hormone (TSH) which is
made by the ______________cells and these ___________thyroid hormone production, which
control the ___________rate. Another hormone is the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) which
is made by the ___________cells that control the adrenal cortex’s _____________production.
9) Also anterior pituitary hormones are ____________-stimulating hormone (FSH) which is made by
the gonadotroph cells that control _______and _______production, ___________hormone (LH)
that are also made by the ___________cells that control _______hormone production, ________
(PRL) which is made by the lactotroph cells that control __________production and finally
__________-stimulating hormone (MSH) which stimulates ____________of the epidermis.
10) The hormones that are released by the axon _____________of the posterior pituitary are
________________hormone (ADH) which influences ____________balance, preventing _______
urine formation, and ___________which stimulates ____________muscle contractions in breasts
causing _________let down and the ___________during child birth and afterwards, it also plays a
role in care-giving and ___________arousal and satisfaction.
11) The thyroid gland is the _____________endocrine gland and has two lateral _________just
below the ____________which is connected by the ___________it is composed of small follicles or
sacs that produce ________________which is a glycoprotein that is secreted by exocytosis into
the_____________, a protein rich fluid in the follicle lumen where ___________mixes with the
thyroglobulin which becomes the precursor to _____________hormone. Other endocrine cells called
______________cells produce______________.
12) Calcitonin is a ________hormone produced by ______________cells that lowers blood ______
levels in children as bone is ___________and is an antagonist to the __________hormone (PTH)
13) The Parathyroid glands are ____size glands embedded in the _____________thyroid. Cells are
arranged in cords containing chief cells or _____________cells secrete _____________hormone
(PTH) which regulates blood _____________balance, by increasing calcium in the blood. The
___________ cell function is unknown.
14) The adrenal cortex ____________and releases ___________hormones called corticosteroids
and each layer of the cortex produces a different type:
 Zona Glomerulosa which is the ________most layer makes _______________chiefly
__________________which controls plasma sodium and_______________.
 Zona Fasciculata which is the biggest layer makes ________________chiefly ______
which normalizes metabolism during_____________.
 Zona Reticularis which makes _____________________chiefly ____________which
is testerone in males but in females is converted to_________________.
15) The pineal gland is a small gland hanging from the roof of the third ____________of the
____________which secretes _______________that increases at __________and decrease
during the________. Physiological processes showing ______________variations such as in body
______________, sleep and_______________.
16) The thymus is a lobulated gland located deep to the________________. Its major products are
_______________and ____________which are essential for ____lymphocytes___________.
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