Green Chemistry

Use of wikis in the
Sarah Prescott Kenick
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of New Hampshire Manchester
What is a wiki?
How do we use it in the classroom?
Get hands on!
Ask questions anytime!
Wiki Questions
What is it?
What can we do with it?
How can I best use it in my classroom?
How hard is it to use?
Will my students be able to use it?
Other questions you want to ask?
What is a wiki?
It is a free* online tool that allows you to create your
own website easily without knowing any computer
It keeps automatic track of all previous versions of
pages, so you can track progress.
While limited in its bells and whistles, it is an easy
way to get your content online.
Multiple users on at any time, allows for great group
work possibilities.
Did I mention it is free?
*some wiki sites allow you to pay extra for extra features
What can we do with it?
Group or individual projects
I have my students put their semester projects on a wiki
instead of a written paper
I have students put research in progress on a wiki for all to
Other colleagues have students put lab work in progress in
a team wiki
Classroom information
Instead of a content manager like blackboard or moodle
Great for anything you would like the public to know
about – service projects, outreach, etc.
Professional website
Other suggestions?
Show us some examples
Organic Chemistry Student Research based projects – service
learning project involving high school chemistry teachers and
green chemistry – also larger outreach project
Biochemistry Student projects – describe a lab technique and
connect it to scientific research
General Chemistry Student projects – general interest projects
where they demonstrate applicability of chemistry to their lives
My own professional website
Show us how…
Multiple free wiki hosting sites out
there. I have used wikispaces most
often, but have also used pbwiki.
We will use wikispaces today to get you
set up with an account (free), and your
own wiki site.
Let’s go!
Click on get started, it will lead you
through setting up an account.
Please remember to write down your
username and password, I have no way to
retrieve this for you.
Once everyone has an account, we will
move forward on getting a wiki site up with
a new page with some content.
Please ask questions anytime.
Resources and
Thanks to all my current and past
students for their work on these wiki