Pi Day Scavenger Hunt What is the definition of Pi? What is the

1. What is the definition of Pi?
2. What is the CIRCUMFERENCE of a circle?
3. What is the DIAMETER of a circle?
4. What are the first ten digits after the decimal point of the number Pi?
5. What is the closest approximate fraction form of the number Pi?
6. How many decimal places is the fraction form accurate to?
7. Pi is what number letter in the Greek alphabet? (i.e. 2nd letter of the alphabet)
8. Who originally introduced the symbol used to represent Pi?
9. Is Pi a rational or irrational number?
10. What is the difference between a rational and irrational number?
11. What value of PI did the Egyptians obtain in 2000 BC?
12. Who were the first people known to find a value of pi? When was it?
13. Find your birthday in PI. Type in your date of birth and record the location.
14. In the year 1997, D. Takahasi and Y. Kanada calculated PI to 51,539,600,00 decimal
places. What type of computer did they use? Where did they do the calculations?
15. What is the symbol for pi? Who first used it and when? What Swiss mathematician
was it popularized by?
16. You can memorize PI by using things called "mnemonics". What is a "mnemonic"?
17. Who memorized 42,195 digits of PI on Feb. 18, 1995? Where was the person from?
18. Name the US city whose zip code is the first 5 digits of Pi.
19. Name 5 mathematical formulas that include π. (Give the formulas in symbols and
then tell what each formula represents. For example: Volume of a sphere is ( 3 πr3 )
20. What date is considered “Pi Day” in the United States?
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