ABR_Walker - CI 616 Literature for Adolescents Summer 2014

Rachael Walker
New Acquaintances
The purpose of this project is to choose several new
acquaintances for a character from the novel and
explain why the character would benefit from
meeting these other people.
High school student, hacker, activist.
Uses the handle “w1n5t0n” as a nod to Orwell’s
Feels claustrophobic in his school and life, seeks
freedom in the form of interactive team gaming.
Arrested and unlawfully held, tortured, and accused
of terrorism by DHS.
Begins underground revolt in retribution.
Edward Snowden
NSA whistleblower
who leaked
information regarding
government digital
monitoring practices.
Risked personal safety
and livelihood to make
others aware of issues.
Julian Assange
Career in hacking &
Editor-in-Chief of
Exposed government
and corporate
Marjane Satrapi
Novelist: Persepolis
Sought political asylum
in Austria and France
during 80s & 90s during
Iran conflicts and
fundamentalist regime.
Used graphic novels to
share experience during
this time of political
upheaval in her country.
Jeanson James Ancheta
High school aged
First person charged in
running botnets to
control large numbers
of hijacked computers.
Khalid El-Masri
German citizen who
was mistakenly
abducted by
Macedonian police
and turned over to the
U.S. CIA as a war
Case of mistaken
The movie Rendition is
based on his story.
Closing Thoughts
His whole purpose is to shut down the entitlement of
certain government agencies to claim a type of
imminent domain, in that they remove rights in order to
“protect” the people.
Marcus would gain various benefits from each of the
people mentioned in this presentation, some of which he
could then use in his case against the DHS as evidence
of prior wrongdoing constituting a pattern of
overstepping socially agreed-upon legal boundaries.
Brings up the question of how far is too far.