Organization and Verbal Citations: Speech Two

Time to Get Organized
(Chapter 12)
Types of Outlines
• Working Outline
• Formal Outline
• Key Word Outline
Preparing a Speaking Outline
Use an outline format for your notes.
Keep the outline as BRIEF as possible!
Place visual cues on the outline if necessary.
Make your speaking notes LEGIBLE.
Practice speaking with the notes you have
prepared, modifying them if necessary.
Sleep Deprivation
Attention: Blame it on the Light Bulb!
College students and individuals across
the country are suffering from a health
problem that can be more detrimental to
their health than some forms of cancer.
What is it? Sleep deprivation.
Motivation: People are losing sleep daily, in
such a fashion that most have trouble
staying awake during work, driving their
cars, or even during classes. Looking out
at you all, bleary-eyed, I see sleep
deprivation in action.
Thesis and Overview: Sleep deprivation is
a serious medical situation that can harm
your everyday life. Today I am going to
explain what sleep deprivation is, what
causes it, how to remedy the problem, and
how to test yourself to see if you suffer
from sleep deprivation.
• Introduction (AMTO)
• Body
• Conclusion (UL)
The Introduction
• Attention-getter
• Motivation*
• Thesis Statement*
Overview of Body (often missing)
• A compelling reason to listen to you
• The answer to “so what?”
• Relate your topic to the audience
• Show how it could be useful to them
Pro/Con Thesis
The war in Iraq has been called either a
defense of freedom or a breeding ground
for terrorism.
Many Americans have concerns about
genetically modified crops, but others
embrace the new technology as a sign of
the future.
While some people defend the death penalty
as a strong deterrent of crime, others
oppose it as an inhumane, immoral way to
end a life.
The Conclusion
• Last chance to win us
• Sum up and restate
• Memorable final
thought (don’t be
or going from Point A to point B
• Signals:
“My next point is.....”
• Internal Summaries: “Now we have seen
how this law began.”
• Transitions: “Bobby Kennedy’s death
changed politics in the late 1960s, but it
also had a lasting impact on history.”
Ways to Organize the Body
Time (Chronological)
And now for a
Once you have organized your
speech into an introduction, body,
and conclusion, and you have
added transitions and internal
summaries, you must next consider
giving credit for the information you
What kinds of information need to
be cited?
Information you didn’t come up with off the
top of your head...
• Unusual interpretations of events.
Verbal Citations
Use page 355-357 in your textbook for a
“According to an article in Time magazine on
May 25, 2011, …………”
“According to 2010 statistics from the CDC,
or Center for Disease Control, ……”
“CNN, on April 15, 2011,
reported that....”
“John Hastings, former
Secretary of the Treasury,
said this about the
Chicago Public Schools CEO, Arne
Duncan stated on March 15, 2008:
Barry Schwartz, a Swarthmore College
psychology professor who has studied
this issue believes,
Be sure to….
Go over pages 306-308 on principles of
Use Bryce’s outline for understanding
how to label each part.
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