Feb 4th Power Point

Meghann Campbell
Learning Support Teacher – Unami Middle
 New resources for roots and
root words
 Projects for listening speaking
and learning
 Site for brain smart strategies
and games
 Flashcard sites and apps
 News ELA
Planning Time
 Root word “trees”
 Podcasts
 Relatable images/songs
 Word maps
 Multimodal learning - $
 Resource videos
 Can be adapted for all age/ability
 Whole class, individual, group,
Directions found in : Additional Roots Resources
Look at the image below. Write a caption for the image and a news story,
descriptive paragraph, or journal entry using as many words with roots that we’ve
studied thus far. (minimum number – 6) Please underline each root word in your
 Videos and clips (can find on
 Strategies
 Games for applying strategies
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJK9KcD2ABU
 Teacher or student created flashcards
 Imbeds metacognitive strategies and
uses confidence based repetition.
 Able to also imbed pictures and
sound—harder than Quizlet.
 No games
 Can purchase premade sets for GRE,
AP Calc, English, etc.
 Mobile app
 New game
 Teacher account features
 Use as warm-up/closure
 Review as way to reduce
anxiousness before a test
 With teacher account see what
students are studying
 Adjustable lexile levels
 Pre-made quizzes including open
ended questions
 Aligns to reading standards
 Relevant topics and social issues
 Easy way to apply reading skills
 Also available in Spanish
 Create a class and assign articles
 Text sets for math, lit, science, etc.
 Mobile app
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