Photosynthesis Study Guide

Photosynthesis, Plant Growth and Reproduction Study Guide
This study guide includes mainly “application” questions. You must have background
knowledge to be able to answer these questions. Also study:
Photocopied pages
Notes and webs in notebook
Attached summary sheets.
Don’t forget to use the M3 Science Website to help you study!
1) Will a tomato plant conduct more photosynthesis on a sunny day or a cloudy day? Explain your
2) Explain why each structure in a flower is important to pollination and fertilization.
3) Kierrah loves flowers. She picked all of the flowers off of her Aunt’s nectarine tree. A few months
later her Aunt couldn’t figure out why the tree did not have any fruit this year. Use your
knowledge of plant reproduction to explain what stopped the fruit from growing.
4) Bermuda’s bee population currently is in danger due to a mite (small insect) that is eating them.
(It’s true! ) Loquat trees are pollinated by bees. What will happen to the annual crop of loquats
is Bermuda’s bee population dies out?
5) Aaron wanted to grow a hibiscus plant for his mother. He gave the plant just the right amount of
water, lots of fresh air and sunlight. But the plant only grew to a very small size and never looked
strong. What else did Aaron need to give the plant and why?
6) Nahjee had to do a project on the life cycle of a plant. He started with 5 black eye peas and
several months later he had three cupfuls of black eye peas that his mother made into a delicious
stew. Write a paragraph or draw a diagram to show the stages of the life cycle that Najhee
observed. Be sure to give the correct name for each stage.
7) Gayon found a leaf that had sections of white and green. He did a test for starch in the leaf. What
element would he use to test for starch. Explain where he would find starch in the leaf and why.
8) Shundre wanted to test the rate of photosynthesis of a plant in her fish tank. Match the tests
below with the information they can give you. Which test should Shundre use and why?
Bubbles of oxygen per minute
Tells if carbon dioxide gas is present
Iodine test
Tells the speed at which oxygen is being produced
Lime water test
Tells if glucose is present in the form of starch