The students will focus on a
topic, respond to questions and
suggestions from peers, and
add details to strengthen
writing as needed. They will
also, with guidance and support
from adults, use a variety of
digital tools to produce and
publish some of their writing to
share with others.
Informational Text
The students will research winter holidays
from around the world. They will also
review and locate major topographical
features of the earth’s surface during
this exploration. They will continue to
chart our changing weather.
Class News
We will be having a
class holiday party on
Friday, December
19TH at 12:30. Please
join us for some
cheer. The students
will be singing some
songs, exchanging
books, and sharing
some snacks. Please
let me know if you
will be able to
School News
We will be offering another Mandated Reporter/Volunteer
Training this month on Tuesday, December 9th at 7PM. If you
missed the previous trainings please be sure to attend this
one. Due to the nature of the mandated reporter portion of
the program, please do not bring children to the training.
We are very excited to announce that the 2nd Annual
Southside STEAM Expo is now officially part of the 2015
Atlanta Science Festival! The STEAM Expo will be held on
Saturday, March 21, 2015, at the Coweta County
Fairgrounds, on the first day of the week-long Atlanta
Science Festival. Volunteers are needed to help make the
STEAM Expo successful! If you can help, please
email [email protected]
The measure of an attribute is a
count of how many units are needed
to fill, cover, or match the attribute
of the object being measured.
Students need to understand what a
unit of measure is and how it is used
to find a measurement. They need to
predict the measurement, find the
measurement, and then discuss the
estimates, errors, and the measuring
process. It is important for students
to measure the same object with
differently sized units.
Please donate enough dry breakfast cereal
for 22 students on your assigned week such
as two large boxes of Cheerios.
Please send in a water bottle each day.
Please have student wear or bring gym
appropriate clothing and shoes on
Please check in on “Class Dojo” everyday.
12/9: 80’s Day! Celebrate
the 80TH of School like you
are a totally Awesome
1980’s kid.
Volunteer Mandate
Reporting Training 7PM
12/11: Board Meeting 7PM
12/18: Pajama Party DayStudents can wear their
PJ’s to school and bring a
snuggle or pillow
12/19: Holiday Party12:30PM
12/22- 1/2/2015: Winter
No two kids are alike, especially when it comes to
hitting developmental benchmarks. Therefore, we
will be assessing the students reading levels this
month in fluency, comprehension, and grade level
word recognition using Fountas & Pinnell Literacy
and Georgia RESA Assessment of Student
The student will also be listening to holiday literacy
texts and comparing them, write about them, and
study them using their knowledge of story
elements. They will be doing shared
reading with in their small groups.