Business Law I * Chapter 3 Questions

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Business Law II – Chapter 18 Text Questions
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1. True or False
Land is the only component of real estate.
3. True or False
The doctrine of ___ grants ownership of fluid minerals to the party who
extracts them.
The water in a river is treated by the law as real property.
The ___ deed provides the most protection to grantees.
5. True or False
Adverse possession can occur without the owner’s consent.
6. True or False
The landlord is AKA the lessor, and the tenant is AKA the lessee.
Taking by ___ can occur when there is a legitimate public purpose for the
The owner of land owes which of the following duties to a trespasser? (a) to
refrain from doing the trespasser intentional harm, (b) to warn them of
known dangers, (c) to conduct reasonable searches for dangers, (d) all of the
Which of the following must be in writing to be enforceable by a court? (a) a
lease for a period of two months, (b) a lease for a period of six months, (c) a
lease for a period of one week or less, (d) a lease for a period of 24 months,
(e) both c and d.
If the landlord and tenant do not identify an ending date for the lease, but
they do identify a payment period, then the lease is a (a) periodic tenancy,
(b) tenancy for years, (c) tenancy at sufferance, (d) tenancy at will.
If the landlord and tenant identify an ending date for the lease, then the lease
is a (a) periodic tenancy, (b) tenancy for years, (c) tenancy at sufferance, (d)
tenancy at will.
If a party possesses land with the owner’s permission but without an
agreement as to the term of the lease or the amount of the rent, that party has
a tenancy (a) periodic tenancy, (b) tenancy for years, (c) tenancy at
sufferance, (d) tenancy at will.
The landlord does not have the right to enter the premises even if the lease
grants him or her that right.
If a tenant transfers her interest in the lease for all but the last month, which
of the following has occurred? (a) subletting or (b) assignment
Which of these is not one of the tenant’s duties if a major repair becomes
necessary? (a) to notify the landlord of the problem, (b) to take reasonable
steps to prevent avoidable damage, (c) to make the necessary repairs.
The lessor is responsible for all major repairs for (a) common areas, (b) the
tenant’s premises, (c) both a and b.
It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex in the rental of housing.
13. True or False
17. True or False
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18. True or False
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Transfer of real property is usually evidenced by a quitclaim or warranty
Personal property becomes realty when it is intentionally and permanently
attached to the realty.
An occupant of real property who does not actually have exclusive
possession is a (a) lessor, (b) lessee, (c) lodger.
The ownership interest of a tenant is known as their ___.
The tenant in a tenancy at sufferance is called a ___.
Losing rights to the pool is known as a ___.
It is very common for a landlord to requirement payment up front of first
month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a ___, which is often equivalent to a
month’s rent.
Since the tenant is responsible for injuries to guests while in his or her
apartment, it is wise to take out this insurance policy: (a) homeowner’s, (b)
liability, (c) accident.
The requirement that a landlord provide a place fit for living is called
meeting their warranty of ___.
A ___ covenant literally promises what will be done with a particular piece
of property.
These real property rights give you the authority to occupy, develop, or
destroy resources said property.
What must a government body pay a landowner if the government takes
their property?
What typically determines the length of time one must give when planning
to move out?
19. True or False
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