30 Calvin Coolidge

Buschistory Presents – The Presidents
30th President of the US 1923-1929
The Election
• 1.President: Calvin Coolidge Number 30
VP - Charles Dawes
• 2. Political Party - Republican
• 3. Term of Office 1923-1929
• 4. Who came before and after him, and what were their Political
• Warren G. Harding (Republican) preceded him and Herbert
Hoover (Republican) followed him
• 5. Were there any unusual circumstances surrounding his ascent to
the presidency? If so, describe the situation in specific detail.
• He assumed the presidency upon the death of Warren G. Harding
The Office
• 6. Are there any catch phrases or terms specifically
associated with this president? If so, list and explain
them. Silent Cal, Republican Taxes, “The Chief
business of America is Business.”
• 7. When he left office, was it by: choice, defeat, natural
death, assassination, or resignation. Explain your
• He chose not to run in the 1928 election.
Domestic Issues and Events
• 1923 – First President to broadcast a speech
using Radio.
• 1924 – World War Adjusted Compensation
Act (Bonus Bill), Johnson-Reed Immigration
Act (immigration quotas stacked against Asians,
Africans, and Jews), Revenue Act of 1924
(further cut taxes), Indian Citizenship Act,
• 1926 – Revenue Act (lowered taxes), Air
Commerce Act
• 1927 – Great Mississippi Flood (Think Katrina
– gov’t inaction), Charles Lindberg crosses the
Atlantic, Sacco and Vanzetti
• 1928 – Revenue Act (lowered taxes again)
• Unsuccessfully fought for anti-lynching
legislation, Organized crime grew due to
Prohibition, The 20’s Roared – sort of.
Foreign Policy and Events
• 1926 – U.S. joins the World Court
• 1928 – Signed Kellogg-Briand