Mesopotamia-1213-Wk4 st. Ed.

History of the Ancient and
Medieval World
Ancient Middle East
Walsingham Academy
Mrs. McArthur
Room 111
In Summary (and Review):
Theme: Role of Geography
Activating Prior Knowledge
• Waterways – rivers, seas, gulfs helped connect
the two early civilizations of Mesopotamia
(Fertile Crescent) + Egypt?
• Cultural diffusion helps explain important
changes brought about by contacts with others.
Remember: a good map has:
A title
A date
A scale
A key or legend
What 2 elements does this text map
The Ancient Near East
Questions to Consider
• What are some of the ways in which
Mesopotamia’s geography influenced its
cultural and historical development?
• What specific examples of the civilizing
process that we have studied do we
encounter in Mesopotamia’s story?
In-Class Activity
connecting last week to this
1. What basic feature of civilization (as well as recurring theme) includes
2. What can we learn about early civilizations from artifacts such as
musical instruments?
Questions based on homework
Definition of Terms
Take a Look at your maps
Watch the video introduction to the Epic of
Gilgamesh, (worksheet on SPA)
• Test Yourself! (Complete the organizer)
Assignment 1
1. Complete in-class activities, slide#7
2. On-line activities: (I-II of worksheet and slides
#10,12) The purpose is (a) to find out more about
the Epic of Gilgamesh and (b) to explore visually
archaeological evidence of Mesopotamia’s
ziggurats. Read carefully. (two days to complete)
Black Ships Before Troy, September 24
Student Choice Activity: Write like a Babylonian
(cuneiform) due Friday, 9/21
A Mesopotamian
Virtual Field Trip
Gilgamesh’s story (details)
Ziggurats were the most impressive
early buildings – temples show
importance of religion.
Kings claimed to be representatives of gods and to
rule by favor of gods = theocratic kingship
An Epic is:
A story:
a. About a hero possessing extraordinary
strengths ( and weaknesses.)
b. About conflicts requiring feats of valor,
great courage and stamina.
c. Written in an elevated register (tone) of
Write like a Babylonian
List the progression from “object” to its
cuneiform. Draw one example.
Over what period of time and by which peoples
were cuneiforms used?
What were the advantages, the disadvantages
of this system of writing?
What eventually replaced cuneiforms writing?
What allowed scholars to learn about this first
writing system?
More Resources for Extra-Credit
personalized cuneiform
Assignment 2
• Complete on-line worksheet activities, I-III
• Look over Assignment 3. Brainstorm
ideas, create a tentative topic sentence,
an outline. Write down questions you wish
to ask in class about the assignment.
Black Ships Before Troy, September 24
Student Choice Activity: Write like a Babylonian
(cuneiform) due Friday, 9/21
Test Yourself
1. The Fertile Crescent is the arc of land that:
a. Lies between the Tigris and Euphrates
b. Curves from the Persian Gulf to the eastern
Mediterranean coast.
c. Lies along the banks of the Nile
d. Reaches down to the African kingdom of Nubia.
2. Sumer was made up of:
a. Provinces.
b. Independent city-states.
c. Hieroglyphics
d. Ziggurats and Cuneiforms.
Test Yourself
1. What was the significance of the Code of Hammurabi?
a. It was the first set of laws all written by one person.
b. It was the first major collection of laws in history.
c. It was the first system of laws that allowed for
unrestricted person vengeance.
d. It was the first set of laws to deal exclusively with
criminal behavior.
2. The Epic of Gilgamesh is important because:
a. It introduces the creation story.
b. It is the first work whose author is known to us.
c. It gives us a glimpse of Sumerians’ attitude towards
d. B and C are correct
e. All of the above are correct.
Cuneiform Evolves Over Time
In-Class Activity: Preparing
to Write
• With your partner, you will discuss one of
the two topics.
• Given our activities, (lectures and
homework) summarize in bulleted form the
key ideas presented. Be sure to cite
examples of your major points.
• Class discussion
Assignment 3
Write a well-organized paragraph answering
one of the 2 topics on slide #6. (Be sure you
know which one you’ve been assigned.)
•Use complete sentences.
•Check your spelling and punctuation.
•Provide examples of your key ideas
A Good History Essay has:
Topic Sentence supported by:
Narrative: description, details, facts, What is the
Analysis: What do the details mean; how do they fit
together; why are they important; what conclusions
can we draw?
Proofs: What is the evidence? What are the
Remember: NAP
Assignment 4
• Read pp. 36-37 of your textbook.
• Complete first row of focus question on
chapter guided reading worksheet.
• For each of the 5 blue-coded terms, write
an identifying sentence.
• Answer Checkpoint question on pp. 37.
What phrase emphasizes Hammurabi’s greatness? What
effect would it have on its listeners?
Setting the Law in Stone - Hammurabi
Assignment 5
Weekends are a good time to take stock:
of where you’ve been; where you are; where you’re
going. Consider this self-check.
Do you have Black Ships? Due Monday 9/24
Do you have your notebook in order?
Can you articulate the key ideas of the term so far?
Do you have questions? (write them down)
Optional cuneiform - due Fri. 9/21