Lab Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

Bell Work:
• Fill in the lab safety contract information
Print Your Name:
Sign Your Name:
E-mail address:
• To understand why safety is
important in the laboratory.
• To become familiar with lab safety
• To identify lab safety violations.
Laboratory Safety:
Everyone Is Responsible
• Lab safety awareness and practice is
important to enhance understanding of
specific chemistry concepts. In order to
complete lab assignments students will
be expected to be familiar with lab
equipment, understand the purpose of
the equipment, and know the names
and use of the equipment.
Safety First
• You will be doing many laboratory activities, which
require the use of hazardous chemicals and expensive lab
• Safety in the science classroom is the #1 priority.
• To ensure a safe science classroom, a list of rules have
been developed.
• These rules must be followed at all times.
• A signed lab safety contract is required to participate in
Guided Reading: General Lab Safety Rules
• Post Card Illustration of Safety Rule(small
1. Clearly states rule
2. Picture
3. Creative
Ultimate Lab Safety Video
• Ultimate Lab Safety Video – lab violations
• For each of the following components of
the Flinn Scientific Lab Safety Contract list
at least on lab safety rule that is violated in
the video.
What’s Wrong With This
What’s Wrong With This
What’s Wrong With This
Lab Safety Quick Quiz:
What’s wrong with these statement?
1. Hal says that his teacher is solely responsible for
preventing laboratory accidents.
2. Keshia started the lab activity before reading it through
3. Ricardo decided to do a lab activity that he read about in
a library book before the teacher came into the
4. Stephanie says that the safety goggles mess up her hair
and give her raccoon eyes. She refuses to wear them.
5. Barbie and Ken accidentally break a beaker full of some
chemical. Instead of risking getting in trouble they
quickly clean up the mess with paper towel and throw it
in the garbage.
What To Do In An Emergency?
If there is a fire or fire alarm:
• Quietly get up and push in your chair.
• Walk toward the classroom door and
wait for further instructions.
•As a class we will turn towards the left and
down the stairs.
• Walk to the teacher’s parking lot.
• Quickly line up in alphabetical order by last name.
• Remain in line until the drill is over.
• Remain silent throughout the entire alarm so that all
people can hear important directions.
Closure: 3-2-1
3 - rules you remember
2 - lab safety rules you
1- most important rule