Persuasive Pseudo-essay model Our world is constantly wrought

Persuasive Pseudo-essay model
Our world is constantly wrought with the concept that certainty can allow one to
achieve all of one’s desires, dreams, and destinies. But this every-present idea is utterly
misleading. One cannot rely on certainty because nothing is truly certain. Everything we hold
true hasn’t been proven wrong, but who is to say that it couldn’t be? There is no predetermined power that states if one is so completely transfixed and certain, she will be able to
conquer all that believe otherwise. Certainty is a safety blanket and doubt is what allows us to
question and challenge those certainties. While certainty can often result in great
accomplishments, doubt allows for a society where creativity and ingenuity thrive.
In history, countless examples of doubt have changed the world as we know it. One of the
most glaring of these examples being sending men into space, and from space, landing on the
moon. This feat was thought to be absolute nonsense just a mere 20 or so years before it
happened. Science fiction seemed to be becoming a reality. Although science fiction to many
seemed to have no basis of truth, there are more and more connections being made between
concepts that people were certain were ridiculous or ludicrous but are undeniable realities
now. By doubting commonly-held beliefs, world-changing progress can be achieved. In addition
to doubting known certainties, the process of using doubt to produce the best result has also
led to world-changing events. One of the most important components of doubt is trial and
error. One cannot be certain something will make sense or work if one has not tested this
concept, whether by experimentation or refutation. For example, Thomas Edison worked
tirelessly to produce the best method of harnessing electricity by conducting over 50
experiments to test his theories. If Thomas Edison had been absolutely certain the he had
created a means to harness electricity and had not tested it numerous times, his certainty
would be invalid. Some people might argue that the greatest minds among us, scientists, artists,
world leaders, have changed the world because of their unwavering certainty in their theories,
styles, and convictions. However, Thomas Edison is a perfect example of the opposite
argument: doubt can lead to changing the world. His influx of doubt, and therefore willingness
to augment and change based upon that doubt, enabled him to produce what could arguably
be the most important scientific discovery of our age.
Persuasive Pseudo-essay model