Insert Sponsor - Nebraska FBLA

[Insert State] FBLA
[Insert Sponsor]
What is FBLA?
• Future Business Leaders of America
• Non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational association
• Recognized by U.S. Departments of Education
and Labor
• Students preparing for business careers
• Over [Insert #] total members
– [Insert #] high school members
– [Insert #] students at State Conference
Competitive Events
• 3 Types
– Individual
– Team
– Chapter
• 3 Levels of Competition
– Section/Region
– State
– National
Examples of Competitive Events
Individual Events
Team/Chapter Events
• Accounting I
• Business
• Cyber Security
• Public Speaking II
• Technology
Community Service
Digital Video
Information Systems
• Web Site
[Name of Sponsor]
• [Insert 1-2 facts of the ranking or size of
potential sponsor]
• [Insert logo or picture of sponsor]
For a [Insert #] sponsorship,
What can FBLA-PBL do
for [Potential Sponsor]?
The following are examples:
1. Recognize as an official competitive event sponsor,
1. Display logo on screen during the Awards Presentation
2. Facilitate the participation of a representative on stage
2. Designate as an state sponsor to
1. [Insert #] total members including [Insert #] high
school students
3. Announce as a state sponsor:
1. State Magazine/ Newsletter
2. Sponsors page of State FBLA-PBL Website (Link & logo)
3. Email to local advisers
What, specifically, does the
sponsorship money cover?
– Trophies to the top
– Testing costs
associated with the
– Partial registration for
winners to attend
National Conference
Insert logo or picture of
State Conference
Where can you go for more info?
• Check the Website
– [Insert State URL]
• Ask us
– [Insert Name]
• [Insert Title]
• [Insert E-mail]
– [Insert Name]
• [Insert Title]
• [Insert E-mail]
Insert picture of State Website